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San Jose, CA, United States
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Public Storage had a sale around last June, 2018. The rate was half price at $147.00 per month. I asked the manager if this was a promotion for a limited time and she said NO. She told me that the $147/mo would be my rate for as long as I continued to rent.

After a few months I get a letter from Public Storage that they are raising my rent over 27%, $40.00, due to increased expenses. I called the new manager and she told me that the rent increase was covered in the "fine print" of the lease agreement.

Two things wrong here. First, the original manager lied to me about the duration of my payments. In addition a 27% increase due to "increased expenses" is an outrageous amount of increase. Surely, increased expenses couldn't amount to over 5% in six months.

This is clearly a "bait and switch" operation.

  • Updated by Ed LP, Oct 31, 2018

    My rate should be as agreed to between me and the manager and the cover letter of the lease agreement.

Oct 31, 2018

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