Public Storage Inc. / unlawful unit auction

California, Glendale, United States
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Public storage of alexandria, va unlawfully auctioned off my storage unit last year. They failed to comply with a virginia self-storage law that says a company must notify a storage unit tenant in writing, with a registered or certified letter of the impending auction even after sending postcard notification via regular mail. If you have been the victim of a shady auction practice in your state, google "self-storage laws in [your state] for detailed information on that state's requirements. If your company did not follow that state's law, you should consult an attorney and see if there are any class-action lawsuits in that state.

The following are links to legal proceedings around the country, so do your homework-they will be on the hook for the value of the contents of your unit if you act quickly:

Also check out [redacted].com for more complaints against public storage or your storage company...

Feb 25, 2014

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