Progressivepaid for full coverage when needed magically I don't have it anymore!

Progressive is supposed to be the #1 auto insurance company. Yet when I filed my claim of a car theft. They completely did everything in their power to find loopholes and ways to NOT help me and be there for me. As if having your car vanish in thin air isn't enough.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Cleveland, OHThey did not give me a rental they denied my claim and I'm stuck paying for a car that I no longer have! I am completely and utterly shocked that a corporation with millions upon millions of dollars would try and find ways to not help its customers. They have claimed that because I did not sign a "consent to rate" form that my insurance went from full coverage to liability. On a car that is financed? That's illegal here in NC. This has been a nightmare and I just want the insurance company to do what they are supposed to do. Take care of what the car is worth pay it to the bank and allow me to move forward with my life!

May 09, 2017

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