Progressive Insurance Company / boat insurance scam alert

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Like most insurance companies - they want your premiums on time however they really don't intend to pay claims. Boat insurance - Progressive now has a totally different deductible called "Named Storm deductible". It can be 5 times the normal deductible which is also very high. These days they name every tropical depression. During the Hurricane season there is almost always a named storm in the box near Florida and the other area's that get threatened. Basically during those periods you will only be covered for catastrophic losses since your deductible goes to $5000. Who is overseeing these insurance company practices. Particularly since you are required to have insurance there should be some oversight. I have other specific complaints but I won't get into that long list. There should be additional criteria identified - ie the claim has to be in excess of $xxx or the named storm has to have landfall within 100 miles or some specific range. Terrible company - all of the TV commercials need to be paid for somehow I guess??

Dec 18, 2015

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