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Tempe AZ, US

I feel bad for others after reading complaints and am lucky I am only out $165, but I still feel frustrated with Progressive and will never chose them as an insurance choice.

We were hit from behind by a distracted driver who took full responsibility (crying baby in backseat) and had Progressive as insurance. Progressive called and stated they would cover everything as they took responsibility. Claims rep. seemed very friendly and trustworthy.

Thought it was easy case...bumper damaged and our airbag deployed light came on from impact (at 40+ mph). We were the 3rd car and had least damage, luckily. Bumper was easy. Took it in to their facility. They stated could not fix airbag light and that we needed to take it to a mechanic and they would reimburse and needed letter from mechanic stating caused by accident.

I guess we were naive thinking that because Progressive had been so reliable to that point, there would be no issues.

Well, apparently there is no "proof" available that the light came on due to the accident. The mechanic wrote a letter stating that it was his "professional opinion" that it came on from the accident but that was not enough so we are out $165.00.

Apparently there is no way to prove that we weren't in "another" accident or that the light just came on for other reasons (defective) and we were trying to get Progressive to pay for that as well, basically being accused of attempting to "scam" all for $165. Progressive, we will NEVER chose you as an insurance company...NOR will we ever recommend you to family or friends.
Called and e-mailed several times to check status of refund (they had to review things), without response. Finally, e-mail response from them stated they were still reviewing (3 weeks ago) we have determined that we are getting the run around. To Tracy, you stated it wouldn't be a problem getting refund after taking to a mechanic...even discussed how I was worried to drive car with a lit picture of a deployed airbag made me nervous...does that sound like the light had been on prior to accident? To Samuel, thanks for giving us the run around.

Apr 02, 2017

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