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Professional Recovery And Wells Fargo Bank / repo man rammed into me & my suv then ran into mysister with his car: then states he is the repo man!

United States, Minnesota, Maplewood
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Professional Recovery Services and Wells Fargo
On Saturday 03/28/2009 approx. around 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

I just came back from the Maplewood library using their Wi-Fi to log on to school and complete assignments where the time and date will verify this in which my sister and I were parked in her van with my 5-month-old daughter. When I finished my sister parked in her van outside across the street on Trailwood Street and faced westbound. We talked in her van for about 10 – 15 minutes outside my home across the street. We saw a man in a white car, which had parked four townhomes away from my home; he faced Eastbound on Trailwood Street. I mentioned to my sister that it looked liked he was staring at us in her van. I saw him speak to a resident whose house he had parked directly in front of, so assumed that they knew each other. The whole time while we were at the library my SUV was parked in front of my home, in front of my daughter’s window facing Eastbound, in my parking spot facing Ashley furniture.

After we finish talking about our plans for the night, I then walked to my SUV got out a couple of CD’s to give to my sister then walked back to my house to change my clothes, bring my daughters stuff back to my sister van outside. I then walk over to my SUV got ready to park in the garage since I was not coming home for the night or very late, to go bowling dropping my daughter off at my mother’s house and Shavonne leaving her van parked in my spot since someone from her work was picking us up.

I then get into my SUV and start to do As I a U-turn, I then noticed that the guy in the white car has pulled up right next to my car, so did a friendly wave of “I’m sorry” and moved up to allow him to pass.
I looked over my left shoulder to see if he had enough room to get through, I am doing this, he passes and then drives around and hits his car into the back of my SUV which makes me hit my head on the window.

He strikes the back of the SUV for a second time. I am thinking I have no idea who this is and “never” saw him before or knows what he wants. So I drive onto the curb and onto the grass and he then follows and hits the SUV for a third time. I then start to panic since all of my belongings are in the van with my sister, including my purse with my cell phone so completely stop the SUV hoping someone calls the police as he is doing this. As he hit me, there is actually a teal car full of people, who was behind his car when he struck the SUV. As I stop driving, the guy pulls to the front of my SUV and his car and my sister jumps out the van and goes between the middle of our vehicles since we both have stopped and she starts screaming, “Why are you ramming into my sister?” The man in the car does not say anything still.

My sister then tells me she is calling the police and for me to do another U-turn turning around again to head towards Ashley Furniture go into the garage for safety until the police arrive. As I do this, in the meantime he hits her body with his car in the attempt to follow me, which I did not witness.

As I’m going around the whole complex I looked in my mirrors and seen his car flying down the street doing approx. 40 mph in attempt to catch up with me since I had a head start.

I come to the end of Trailwood and trying to make it towards the garage reasonably but knowing there is kids around I just stop and think of what to do. He then rams my SUV for a fourth time from the back. At that time, my sister meets us again at the dead-end of Trailwood opposite from Ashley Furniture. There is another witness who is jogging and a call for help but she states she doesn’t have a phone as she is saying this the guy then rams me for the fifth time and then one last time cornering me in and trapping me so I couldn’t leave.

At that time, my sister had driven to where we were and asked again “what do you want?” he finally rolled down the window and stated, “I’m the repo. guy, you know who I am!”.
I then confirm his answer by saying “you’re the repo guy? Why didn’t you say that in the first place and I never saw you before and when I came to and from my SUV earlier why didn’t he identify yourself then?
My sister then screams you rammed into my sister and you physically hit me with your car and you left the scene of the accident twice; “don’t move the police are on their way”.

The guy’s response to me was “give me the keys to the vehicle”.
I then told the guy “I’m not going anywhere I just need to get my daughters stroller out of the truck and a few garage bags. The guy stills doesn’t let me leave but demands the keys still. I then ask the guy if the woman that was in his car if she can come with me since he didn’t believe that I was going to return outside with the SUV. He finally agrees to this and she enters my SUV and backs up his car so I can drive again.

While the woman was in my car I asked her why didn’t they identify themselves when they saw me go into my SUV, walk back to my sisters vehicle, then enter my house where I spent about 15 minutes changing my whole attire inside. Then walking outside to give my sister my daughters belongings then go back into my SUV doing a full u-turn in the “same” direction facing Ashley Furniture on Trailwood and why did they park so far away and didn’t knock on the door when they knew I was the owner of the SUV demanding the keys back.

The woman’s response was “the bank tried getting a hold of me and my family wouldn’t answer the phone when they called”. She also stated that they were looking for me since January 2009. I started crying saying this is insane and told her that she had obviously has my address and I park my car outside all the time they could of just towed it rather then put so many lives in danger just to get the SUV back just to get paid a couple hundred of dollars even if that”. She had no response but a simple shoulder shrug.

When I drove up to the underground garage, which the entrance is the same as the exit, he follows which he isn’t supposed to do since I signed a contract agreeing that no one who isn’t on my lease is authorized to enter not even my own visitors. When I got to my stall, the guy then corners me in where I couldn’t back out or barely get in and out of the vehicle since I was parked slanted. I managed to wiggle out, went to the back of the truck, and started unloading the SUV putting my belongings on the outside of my stall.

At that time, the guy gets out of his vehicle and demanded the keys still and my sister starts to shout for me not to give him the keys until the police arrives. When I went to the vehicle, the woman followed me but went to the passenger side of the door and I was at the driver’s side. I reached over, still standing outside of the SUV, I put my hand on my keys trying to get it out that’s when the lady put her hands on top of mine trying to take them from me which contained all of my keys that were on my keychain including my house keys. This is the “only” time we refused to give back the keys since I did not want them to drive off with the SUV “until the police arrived”. Therefore, if they did, we would not have any solid evidence.

My sister then runs over to my side trying to get the keys too and the guy tries pulling it from the passenger side. Therefore, we all playing tug of war with my keys in which the woman and the guy actually break off the keychain leaving the SUV’s keys in the ignition and the key dropped somewhere on the floor. The guy holds my keychain and states that he isn’t giving it back until he receives the SUV key. Crying even more I show him my hand in which my left hand was slightly puffy and my right hand, wedding finger was dripping blood from a torn/cracked fingernail and a little cut that I received while trying to get my keys back.

Then the police comes arrive and takes down "not even half of the story" they write in the report!

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