SUBMIT A COMPLAINT company - I never received products

I will never use printerpix ever again and I recommend that others don't. Since my awful experience I have read up other reviews and seems they all have the same experience as me.

I placed orders beginning of Dec 2014 and was waiting until mid Jan 2015 to receive them. I didn't receive them in the end and was getting so annoyed at being fobbed off that I rang up and told them to cancel my orders. I sent numerous emails which were ignored, I called up and was assured they would be sent out 'next week' and they even can't get their opening times right as it says 9-6 on the website but it's actually 9-5.

In the end I rang up and asked them to cancel the orders. These were for a christmas present and a wedding present and I received none of these which was awful as I had to let people down and not give them their present! Stick to snapfish and photobox!!

Jan 13, 2015

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