Priceline.comunsuccessful in changing name on hotel reservation because spent 37 minutes listening to a sales pitch and was never transferred

I called [protected] to change the name on my hotel reservation. After multiple conversations with two people and a machine after I accepted a $100 gift card (congratulations to me, did not think it could be a scam since I called in) and ended up 37 minutes later after multiple promises of "one more short message and we will transfer you to change the name on your reservation", and after I "authorized" the small charge to send me the gift card, I was also informed I was receiving magazines, etc. and when I tried to get off the phone, short of hanging up, they spoke over my objections and would not let me talk. I have yet succeeded in speaking to a customer service rep at Priceline, even after calling their toll free and private pay numbers [protected]. I never was transferred; when I asked they gave me yet another number that did not ring through.
Priceline!! This is bad for your business and though we have been faithful customers, we cannot continue working together if we are unable to actually resolve a problem when necessary. Somehow we were transferred over to this 3rd party company and have no idea how to trace it. The offer was originally for a cruise (took their survey, thinking it was Priceline (then ended up with a teaching course on finances that I am obligated to cancel or it will be automatically charged to my credit card. Again, the whole time they led to me to believe they were connected to Priceline.

Jan 08, 2018

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