Priceline.compriceline visa savings for airline tickets.

This company does not value their customers!!! Priceline is misleading customers to think that you can save $100 instantly by applying for the Priceline Visa. I made the mistake of applying for their credit card and I was not able to use the Priceline Visa to book my flight or save the $100 as they advertised on website.

I call them to get help BOOKING my reservation and was not able to get through the automated recording! I booked my ticket using a different card and called Priceline 10minutes later to see if they can help put the purchase on the Priceline visa.

I was told they could not transfer the purchase or refund it by the 'Supervisor' at their customer service department. Basically there were no options and there was nothing they could do to help. I asked to speak to a different person or a different supervisor and they said there was no one else I could talk too. This is not a company that values its customer and they haven't got a clue about customer satisfaction. DO NOT APPLY FOR THIER CREDIT CARD and be mindful you will not get any help with anything unless they have billed you for it up front.

Nov 28, 2018

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