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As a Catholic, I was offended by a commercial on TVLand which aired during the am hour (ET) on March 15th, 2012. The ad depicts a "Catholic" nun dressed in full habit, lounging in what is presumably a resort (first offense). Conveniently, a scantily-clad woman slowly passes by the nun in the background as if to create a comic effect by showing the contrast between the two women (second offense). Priceline also has the nun character lament the death of the company's former hero who was portrayed in the past by actor William Shatner. Clearly, this company has chosen to join the ranks of entities who shamelessly use elements of Christianity and Catholicism in particular, as vulgar entertainment and for marketing tactics. I wrote to the only person listed as the "Media Relations" contact whose email address is Brian.[protected] and who is yet to reply to my letter of complaint. Keep in mind, that if anyone out there wishes to contact's cowardly Media Relations department, you will have to click the "Investor Relations" tab toward the bottom of the main site. This will lead you to a separate site for people who are apparently more important than you and me. Once on the Investor Relations site, click the "Contact Us" tab and you will be directed to the contact information for Management / Customer Service and Media Relations. I have contacted a number of organizations about this ad and will continue to do so.

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  • Ma
      8th of Apr, 2012

    Great comment. I'm not Catholic, but I do respect everyone's right to follow whatever faith their conscience dictates. So, what gives "Priceline" the right to lampoon an entire population of laudable women who have devoted their very lives to their faith, and who, by rights, deserve our admiration?

    Keep in mind that this frivolous attack was not launched for any honest disagreement on theology, but rather to pander to some possible perceived angst that might exist in the consuming public. Odds are, the marketing suits who signed off on this ad are totally mystified by any backlash that may be occurring.

    The larger question is why "PRICELINE" and the media feel safe to direct ridicule and scorn against Christian beliefs, but they would never consider doing so to Islam or Judaism, or Buddhists or Hindus or American-Indian Shamanism or Wicca followers or Haiti Voodooists or atheists!? Why not depict a Muslim woman in full regalia, with only her eyes peering out, with the very same dialogue? Why wouldn't that be just as funny? I guess (in the case of Muslims) it's because the ad execs are afraid of being kidnapped from their gated communities & getting their heads cut-off. Highlighted on You Tube. But, their answer, of course, is that they are simply doing what "sells". And that, if Americans didn't find Catholics "funny" they wouldn't do it. The old dog-wagging-the-tail justification. That's, of course, a lie.

    The real reason for such ads is that they want to be seen by the consuming public as "edgy", daring and brave, "ahead of the curve", anti-establishment and iconoclastic. In other words, what, presumably, they believe the 24 to 45 yr. old age group truly appreciates.

    I'm not certain what these execs believe their souls are worth, but they, obviously, have decided that their annual salaries + bonuses (if the ads are successful) exceed it.

    If this were not foretold in scripture I would be much more upset than I am. But, because it is, I guess I am more philosophical, and more of a mind to just give them the rope they need to hang themselves for eternity. At the same time, I admire those folks, like you, who will fight these outrages to the bitter end.

    In the end, we can agree on one thing. Hereafter, the name "PRICELINE", and its executives, will never come up in conversation when I don't attack them as the enemies of Christians and the embodiment of evil that they are. Is that too strong? It's not strong enough.

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