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Sunday May 7, 2017/ Priceline trip # [protected]/ John Herrick/ [protected]
I was not allowed to rent the Hertz car Priceline booked. The Hertz agent at the JAX airport insisted they required 2 forms of govt. issued picture ID when using a debit card. The Priceline "Important Information" document, Rental Car section, describes the requirement as being "valid drivers license" which I did have. They recommended I call Priceline to transfer the rental to Alamo who had no such requirement [2 IDs]. The Alamo agent said they could give the much cheaper rate if authorized by Priceline. After a fruitless 1/2 hour conversation with a Priceline agent, and then a supervisor, no authorization was given, but rather I was charged $15 for canceling Hertz. I was subsequently charged $143.54 for the Alamo rental. Considering that Priceline never let me know I'd need 2 IDs [I'd have brought them if I'd been told] I think it only fair that you refund me the difference in rates, and refund the cancellation fee. Thanks, Jack

May 10, 2017

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