Priceline.comdo not take cdw for car rental

I recently booked/traveled to Mexico with my family, where we rented a car thru Priceline. I took the CDW insurance at $11 per day over the CDW through Alamo due to better pricing. Imagine my surprise when I got to Mexico and was told they did not accept the coverage and if I declined their insurance and anything happened to the car, I would have to pay out of pocket, and then request a reimbursement through the carrier. I opted to take the coverage in Mexico since I couldn't afford to replace a car if I totaled it and I did not feel like spending any time in a Mexican jail (if something happened and I couldn't pay). Upon my return I contacted Priceline via email and phone. Their response, call the insurance carrier to see why Alamo in Mexico would not accept their coverage.

I read the fine print on the disclaimer prior to booking, but I apparently missed the details that it was a reimbursement. In truth, I was lucky to have found the disclaimer on Priceline's busy web page.

Priceline's response was poor, in my opinion, since their website doesn't tell unsuspecting travelers the program is a reimbursement not simply coverage paid to the rental company. Some people might be able to cover minor mishaps, but what about those who cannot or those who have more than a mishap, ie, a totaled out vehicle??? Who can afford to replace a rental car ($1000's) to then file a claim and hope for reimbursement??? More disclosure on the website is needed. I plan to travel again but I will never again use Priceline. Their customer service response was downright horrible.

I may still complain to my state's attorney general or banking & insurance. Anynoe else who has had this problem might want to do the same.


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