Priceline / reservations + fraud*

Norwalk CT 06854, US
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I booked a reservation through Priceline and they not only do not acknowledge Priceline Trip Number they issued but ran purchase though a different company without my knowledge. When I call about this because hotel shows reservation booked but not paid for Priceline tells me I have to speak with third party they used to make this purchase.

Not only was I charged and booked by Priceline (which they do not acknowledge), I get to Hotel and they charge me because they show room not paid for. So I am double charged. I am unable to get live support or help from priceline and so will leave it to my CC provider to sort out.

* FRAUD: a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.

Mar 20, 2017

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