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Priceline / hotel ripoff

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My husband and I had been planning a trip to Las Vegas for a few weeks now. We already booked flights and were keeping an eye out for good hotel deals. We eventually decided to try the "name your own price" option on the priceline website. Keep in mind we had a pretty good idea of the prices that were out there and it was nearly time for us to decide and book a room. Enter priceline. We pretty much knew what kind of hotel we wanted to stay at. So in the " Name Your Own Price" we bid a higher price to try to avoid some of the cheaper, smaller, and frankly crappier hotels. We understood and agreed to the the non refundable - non exchangeable stipulation because we figured we knew the prices and we had nothing to lose but getting us a better deal. Our bid was accepted. But with one huge problem. The hotel priceline booked us was actually 30% cheaper if we hadn't used priceline's "Name Your Own Price" option at all. Their new slogan should be Raise Your Own Price. So in short the hotels that we were trying to opt out of by exceeding their prices is the exact hotel priceline stuck us into. At a nonrefundable/ exchangeable price. So I called priceline and they admitted that there had been an error on their end, due to their own prices being cheaper and their "Lowest Price Guarantee" promise. They proceeded to refund me the difference in price. The only problem now is that I am stuck at a hotel that i tried to avoid by over biding even their highest priced rooms. They were unwilling to even attempt to put me in a nicer more expensive hotel for even more money. So far I am waiting to hear from the dispute that i filed with my bank. Thanks priceline for trying to ruin my vacation!

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  • Va
      7th of Apr, 2009
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    Once my price was accepted at a hotel in Portland Oregon, I called them to request (2) double beds. They told me that there would be an additional charge of $25 per night and a 12% tax added to my bill. I called Priceline to complain about what had just occurred and the gentleman placed me on hold to verify what I was telling him. Within 5 minutes he was back on the line and informed me that it was indeed true and that was the hotel's policy and nothing could be done about it. He asked me if I read the policies of Priceline and said that I had one of two choices. The first being to pay the extra monies for the two double beds or cancel my reservation and still be charged because Priceline does not issue refunds due to their no cancellation policy. He stated to me that the rooms accommodate (2) adults. I have no plans on sharing a bed with my grandmother, grandfather, brother, or mother-in-law. Nowhere in their policy does it state that if you request a certain bed that your price may go up. I alerted my credit card company and putting these charges into dispute for fraud and misleading information. I e-mailed customer service from Priceline and they responded to be by stating that 'We are truly unable to assist you further in this matter'. 'Please do not expect a response to further correspondence on this issue'.

    The people at Priceline are extremely rude and have no morals. I find it funny that once I checked their website to see if I could purchase a room at The Benson Hotel A Coast Hotel using their 'fee chop' option, out of the 137 hotels I printed this hotel was not even listed. Beware, if you need or want double beds to have a good nights sleep, you may be charged extra. Priceline should be ashamed of themselves. I am not giving up and am working with my credit card company to get out of this hotel.

  • Mo
      20th of Apr, 2009
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    It's true. sucks. It's best to just book your rooms by talking directly to the hotel.

  • Sh
      14th of Nov, 2010
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    Lol! THe name your own price works real well if you work it right. Hotels tell Priceline we're willing to accept $xx.xx for x number of rooms. The customer then says I want a xstar hotel and i'm willing to pay $xx per night. Priceline gives you the cheapest room that meets your area and star quality rating. Choosing to pay more just cost you a lot more money that it should have. If you low ball you end up with good deals; i.e. I never pay more than $35/40 for a 4** hotel, and wait till 2 days before my trip to book.

  • Hc
      19th of Nov, 2010
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    Priceline does not budge from there rules even if it is unforeseen circumstances that revent a person from traveling.

    I booked a hotel to stay in prior to my cruise on Nov 28, 2010 on the ill-fated Carnival Splendor. The ship caught fire a few weeks ago and has canceled all sailings for this year. Priceline will not let me cancel my hotel booking and probably sell my room to some other customer.

    They know that I have canceled my airline tickets which American Airlines did for no penalty. AA immediately put a travel advisory on there website and offered reasonable service for stranded vacationers whose cruise was canceled. This is the type of service any reputable company should provide. Priceline is not in that league and that is most disappointing.

  • Ma
      24th of Mar, 2011
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    Just before Christmas I was laid off. I already had tickets and car rental through Priceline. We had a winter storm and were snowed in and unable to get to the airport. I called Priceline and told them I would have to reschedule my airline flight and car rental. I was told I could do neither. The customer rep I talked to was rude and disrespectful. I was told if I did not pick up my car on that Monday I would still have to pay for it. I told him I just wanted to pick up the car on Wednesday as we were unable to get to the airport and all flights were cancelled due to weather. I was told tough luck. Priceline refused to refund my money and I had to pay for another rent car and airline ticket when we were able to fly out. I was told when you make a reservation through Priceline and your plans change you still have to pay. I will never use Priceline again and have told friends and family about this and discouraged them from using Priceline also.

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