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Yesturday, Friday, February 1, 2019, I have purchased 2 packages of Quilted Northern toilet paper at Price Chopper in Chatham, N.Y.
The shelf sticker price was $3.99 each. After checking my receipt, I noticed that it was rang up at $4.49 each. I went to the office to get my 2 packages of toilet paper FREE and a $2 off coupon on my next shopping order. I always got my items free whenever there was an overcharge. I was told that the company is not doing that anymore. Since when?
After my groceries purchase, I always step aside and check my receipt.
There were times when I got home, checked my receipt and had to drive back to Price Chopper because I was overcharged on an item. One time, as I recall, I bought package of beef that was over $8.00. I got charged for it twice. WOW, that was over $8.
What exactly is the company's policy on OVERCHARGE. I believe, that I should get my 2packages of toilet paper for FREE. I should not have to stand on the side and check my receipt every time I do my grocery shopping.
Also, why am I being told that there is an extra charge to have my meat ground. Is that also a store policy? The butchers at Shop Rite are very helpful and are willing to do it for free. Waiting to hear from you. Helen Koziol

Feb 2, 2019
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  • Be
      2nd of Feb, 2019

    Instead of begging for freebies why not get a job so you can afford to buy toilet paper.

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  • Mr
      3rd of Feb, 2019

    @BEnchboy She has a job but not for long, now EVERYONE knows she is a THIEF!

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  • Mr
      3rd of Feb, 2019

    If you continue to have this problem you should be checking the receipt AS things are being rung up.

    Or .. no t shop there.

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