PradaBlack marks on t-shirt after washing

Yesterday I made a purchase at Prada, located in Bista village. I then discovered black marks located in various places on the t-shirt after hand washing it.

I was not impressed with this as I have made purchases from prada before, various amount of time and I have never expected this. Prada is a very high status brand meaning the product produced should be of great quality too. I have made many purchases from Prada in the past. I have used the same method in washing all of my products and I have never experienced this before.
After paying £80 for a cotton t-shirt and taking care with washing it by following the steps given by Prada, I was very angry and annoyed with the end product to find stains on a brand new t-shirt. I expected Prada to deal with this complaint by either replacing the t-shirt or a full refund.

May 01, 2017

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