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I have been trying to order the parquet reclaimed wood round coffee table since April 22, 2018. I went into the store at Ridgedale mall to see if they had any of the tables in store to purchase. They, unfortunately, did not have the table I wanted in store so they gladly helped me order in the store. A few weeks went by and my husband went to pick up the table at the Minnetonka store. When he got home I noticed it was the wrong shape table. I received the rectangle table instead of the round table. I called the store immediately and they said they would reorder the correct table. Another few weeks went by and I never heard anything about my order. I called the store again. This time they told me they accidentally sold the table I had ordered. Again, they said they would reorder the correct table and would have it delivered this time. Another few weeks went by and they delivered my table. Once again, it was the wrong table. This time I received the correct shape table, but the style was wrong. I instead received and was charged for the Griffin round coffee table. They have since picked up that wrong table but I haven't seen a credit on my Pottery Barn credit card. At this point all I want is my account to be credited back in the amount of $760.03 (amount + tax) on the wrong table (Griffin Round Coffee Table). I am attaching the documents of the table the delivery company picked up on May 30, 2018.

The associate number on the original order is: 197006
We've been working with John at the Minnetonka store. He's been a little more helpful. However, I still haven't received a phone call back to clear up this issue, which is to credit my account back for the Griffin table.

Thank you.

Jun 07, 2018

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