Pottery Barn Kids / dreadful delivery service

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

We purchased a wall unit from Pottery Barn Kids for $1, 550.00, which was to include "white glove" delivery. I asked about this several times, because if we couldn't get it assembled, we wanted to look elsewhere. The salesperson assured me I was paying for and would receive "white glove" delivery. The delivery date came and went, although an email had been sent saying it was on it's way. After talking to different service people, they said they couldn't find it. Then they found it. Then they said they had changed delivery companies and they would have to use the new one and it would be another 10 days. The day of delivery finally arrived and when they delivered it, they refused to assemble it. I called customer service, no help, then called the orginial salesperson and she tried to get the delivery people back out to assemble it. They promised to be there (5 days after it was delivered) and they didn't show. Called the salseperson again, they called the delivery company and they didn't call back. Enough! So we just put it together ourselves, not wanting to wait any longer. I've asked for a refund of the "white glove" amount I supposedly paid, haven't heard back. At this point, just want to forget it and them. But wanted to warn everyone that furniture delivery seems to be an issue with this company, as I've read complaints on several different sites. (Sigh, should have read them before I bought this piece!) So buyer beware.

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