Poshmarkfraudulent buyer

W Nov 20, 2017

I am an established seller, and per your analytics in the top 10% and have all 5 star reviews. Last week, a seller purchased a brand new MK tote from me and it had tags everything. When it was delivered he complained that there were stains on it.
No pictures were shared with me. It was brand new item, with multiple new tags, & not a single stain. The buyer is brand new, using the site from November 2017, and I also shared with your team the kind of derogatory comments he posted on other seller's site. I also shared the pictures of the item that I shipped. Yet you sided with the buyer. At the minimum I thought that you play neutral and side with both buyer and seller, or side with an established seller with a stellar rating. Very disappointed with the experience.
I would like this case to be re-reviewed. Order id 5a05cd562aaaa02333a31222.

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