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This is with reference to the staffs at Damansara Jaya branch.

I took a number about 5pm and had to wait for 45 mins, which is the norm i suppose.

However, from my observation, service could have been more efficient . About 5.20pm, 2 counters were closed (to settle closing matters i assume). There were only 2 counters open but still quite a number of customers, and most customers at the counter were taking a long time to settle their transaction.

About 5.45pm, there were still about 5 people waiting, and there were like 3 free staffs? Possibly settling their closing matters somemore. And the 2 open counters were still settling transactions and were taking some time.

Is it their priority to provide service or settle their daily tasks?? Couldn't they have helped to attend to the remaining customers first? They seem quite free and could even joke around. Priorities are not in place.

Very disappointed with the staffs.

Mar 27, 2017

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