Pos Lajupostman refuse to offer complete the service

Delivery man claimed thru phone call that he arrived my office and meet with human beings yet was not able to deliver the parcel. Inview of this, he just send me a message and ask me to collect parcel myself from Kl. What I wan to raise up is I have paid the fee and he arrived at the address of my office and there were so many people inside and he neglect to deliver his job well.

Also, he didn't call to even offer alternative to meet admin or something but instead push it to me. No friendly call from the man and he was speaking in rude manner saying he has been sending parcel to the same address and yet he claimed that everyone refuse to sign off the parcel which is ridiculous.

I'm working in a well known bank and there are always helpful colleague to assist in every delivery men entered. Attached the sms sent by the post man to me after our call.

Tracking number: ER637855865MY

Pos Laju

Nov 21, 2018

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