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Evansville, IN, United States

Hi I took my granddaughter in to have her photos done for Easter in the Evansville Indiana location. I was told the printer was done after I had her photos done and they will contact me to pick up when fixed..I went to explain to them I lived in NC and won't be able to pick up so they informed me they would mail them to me.. here it is 2.5-3 months later and I still don't have all my products..I've called several times to complain and ask about it, my daughter has called and so has my husband all so many times I've lost count.. the mgr (Josh)that I've been dealing with I was told the other day has been fired and I still don't have my products..I've been told something different each time I've called from they need my address (we gave a million times), they have been mailed, they got lost in the mail, they can't find anything at the store, they have been picked up (I live in NC so they haven't been picked up)..
So I am out of my money (139.00) and my products..

We went to take my granddaughter for her Valentine's photos at the same location before this and had a coupon for a special..all photos were horrible so it was very easy to pick just one pose, we didn't get the free gifts because Josh (mgr) told us we didn't qualify for them but they were listed on the coupon... anyways we did get our package with terrible poses and my daughter was in tears leaving because of the horrible experience she had with getting professional photos done for her daughter keep in mind this the first time doing photos with her baby..

I decided to give them benefit of the doubt and try them again that's why we went back for Easter photos...those photos were amazing but didn't receive what we ordered and been getting the run around ever since including not returning phone calls...I've told the store I will be contacting corporate and they tell me not to they will fix it but they haven't..

Jun 14, 2017

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