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studio experience

Horrible experience second time in row for milestone pics last time n September girl was falling aslee no props they were out of everything! This time I had asked ahead of time to be sure Christmas background would still be available and told yes got there she said they took it down two days ago the irk barely worked with our baby we done all the work no props again she didn't know what to do with her and then we have always gotten the preview of pics thu email for other family members to view and some times order more and this time wasn't told til later today hat they no longer do this which means we didn't order in the way we would've if we had known. It was jut bad experience unfriendly unprofessional she acted as if she didn't know what she was doing it's just disappointing wandering of its worth going back for her 1 year b day pics

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    Service was awful at Lexington ky location and on top of that I received the wrong package

    The wrong pose then what we chose!!! I just wasted $30 on bad service then this
    This is the second time and I can't wven get. A return message or anything it's ridiculous I was very displeased with service we had to do all the work they didn't even attempt to make her smile were unprofessional and now we get wrong pose of package I just spent $30 on

awful customer service from portrait studios and the regional manager and vice president!

On December 1st 2018 we went in to get pictures of my two children our appointment was for 11:15am we did not get out of there until 3:00pm because of how jam packed they schedule their appointments! I had requested a particular background/pose and the lady completely ignored my wishes! Then ends our session, this is when I start to get irritated! We sit and wait AGAIN to be shown our pictures when someone finally shows us the pictures I instantly become irritated at the fact that she decided to use a white background when my daughter was wearing ALL white and I told her not to do that and she she she was required to. Now majority of my pictures are ruined because my daughter is clashing with the background! I told the man showing us pictures I didn't like them and he said he couldn't change the background color and he didn't offer another shoot. I get 14 photos spend $143.09 get home and realize they never gave me my CD I call and they are closed so I call on Sunday as soon as they open and she said she would call me back in an hour when it's ready to pick up. Never got a call back. I called back 3 hours later and she said she would call me back in 5 minutes. Two hours pass... no call... I called them and she had an attitude and said to come pick them up, I go in around 5pm and wait an hour to get the CD that was supposedly "ready to pick up". Im extremely irritated and thought this was the last time I'd have to deal with this god awful experience, but nope! I was completely wrong. Fast forward two weeks (today) I go to Walmart to use the instant print with my CD I wait in that line finally able to use it and guess what the pictures that pop up ARE NOT my children not even the right skin color to be exact!! I'm livid!!! I go up there explain to her what happened and she doesn't seem to care just asks "what do you want to do?" I state I would LOVE to return every single picture and get my money back but she doesn't give refunds only a picture voucher... She finally after an hour gives me the CD with MY children.

I'm writing you to find out what you are willing to do for me now that your employees have made this process drawn out and miserable!! Also would like to bring to your attention that someone else received my pictures of MY children... and that's a completely different issue we will eventually get into... since it's against the law to give out personal information/pictures to others that have no business having them!

Please contact me at your earliest convenience because there is more I'd like to say!

Sent this to Martin Boutros he replied back and then blocked my email! Nothing has been done about my situation! I've tried emailing Danielle Koches and she has ignored me since day one!


I worked for them for about 2 weeks they told me when I got hired that are you working 9 to 5 and because it was holidays I'll be working a little bit late and that's fine then I was working 14-hour days getting towed I was not allowed to have a break daughter was in the hospital and she still wouldn't let me go to her threw me in on my first day to show pictures and then I still have yet to got paid for my two days that I worked my last week and when I called to get the customer service number to talk to somebody she told me I had to call account and I haven't been able to get ahold of accounting for a week so I have over $200 and I'm not getting paid horrible place to work they treat their employees like crap they don't care about nobody but themselves and money that's all they want is money

rude treatment, unprofessional behavior

I originally had a photo appointment at the Davenport, Iowa studio, on Elmore Ave., on Sunday, Dec. 15 at 6pm, but upon arrival, was told it would be 7pm before we could have photos. It was packed, and staff was backed up and the situation was out of control. I was told I could rescheduled for this morning (Tuesday) at 9am, which I did. I was told we could get in and out since no one else was booked.

So, I arranged with my boss to go into work two hours late and I kept my two kids out of school for two hours.

I arrived at the Davenport studio at 8:50 am with my kids dressed up, only to find the door locked and lights off. At 9:15, a car pulled up and a young girl with long, black hair got out. She walked up to the door (that we were standing in front of), put keys in it, opened the door and went inside without even acknowledging us! Not a "hello" — nothing!

When I told the employee we had a 9 am photo appointment, she said, "I'm not even supposed to be here until 9:30. I'm not on the clock yet. My manager was supposed to be here at 8:30. Do you want to wait for her?"

I said no, I did not want to wait. This was a reschedule and it's already behind schedule. But clearly, this girl was being inconvenienced by my presence. She was clearly put out that she would have to help us.

By the way, no one else was in the studio to witness any of this and the way she treated us. When I started complaining about the lack of organization, she got up and walked away from me! While I was talking to her! I said, "Excuse me, I'm talking to you. Why are you walking away?"

She replied, "BECAUSE YOU ARE RUDE."

At that point, both my children, ages 14 and 9, looked at me and their mouths dropped open. I couldn't believe it.

I asked this girl what her name was. She said "Sierra." I asked what her last name was, and she said, "You don't need to know that. It's MY last name and I OWN it." I mean - I almost laughed. I felt like I was dealing with a snotty 16-year-old child. Then I asked what the manager's name was. "Sierra" said it was Johanna. I asked for Johanna's last name, and got the same response, "you don't need her last name and I'm not going to tell you."

Keep in mind, the manager still hasn't arrived and it's 9:30 by now, and we STILL haven't had any photos taken. Sierra is too busy walking away from me, turning on lights, and answering the phone to TAKE CARE OF OTHER CUSTOMERS.

We finally got going with the photo session and Sierra was clueless. She was obviously NOT a photographer. I am a local newspaper reporter - I work with professional photographers - and Sierra was a joke. This was a waste of my children's time and my time.

I could have done a better job than her. She had no idea how to pose my children or how to get them to smile. She never smiled, she never gave direction, and she wouldn't talk to or look at me or even ask me what I wanted them to do.

As the session continued, suddenly Sierra announced she's taken 60 photos the session is over. I told her I wanted a second backdrop. She rolled her eyes, let an exasperated sigh and walked way. We took a few more photos in front of a different backdrop and then she said, "well, I've taken almost 80 photos now and I didn't have to do that for you. You're only supposed to get 60." OMG!

My daughter wanted a photo with her handing a plate of cookies and milk to Santa, in which I put on a sleeve and glove. We wanted the backdrop of the Christmas living room scene, but suddenly, Sierra pulled over a black backdrop and said, "We don't do it like THAT. We use a black dropcloth." I said no, we're using the Christmas backdrop.

So, more petulant behavior from the "professional" photographer as she rolled her eyes, argued with me, and AGAIN reminded me that she is doing ME a favor by taking more than 60 photos.

She actually said to me, "You know, I don't have to take these photos." I mean, who acts like that? Who treats customers this way? I am appalled. I am shocked and I am PISSED. I have never - EVER - been treated this way by anyone.

And then - here's the highlight - I said to Sierra, "It would be nice if you would look at me when I'm talking to you." Do you know what she said back to me?! She said, "I'm not looking at you because I can't stand you."

Listen, I am a 50-year-old woman. I have two college degrees and a professional job. I have never been physically violent in my life. But I wanted to punch this girl, that's how angry she made me. And the fact that she treated me this way in front of my children, is even more disgusting. But I kept my cool. I never raised my voice, I did not call her names or even call her rude, even though she called me rude twice - in front of my children.

Finally, I told her she should consider a career that doesn't involve customer service. I said she owed me an apology. She said she was sorry her manager was late. Seriously. I told her she owed me an apology for HER behavior. No response. I got nothing from her, as she continued to answer the phone and ignore me.

An email from a customer service rep to me says, "Portrait Innovations strives to provide excellent customer service and the highest quality portraits to each and every customer."

Really?? Are you sure about that?

I am appalled at how I was treated by the employee. When I got back home after taking my kids to school — late — the manager "Johanna" called me. She gave no apology for not being at the store - she never did show up, but the way - and offered a weak apology for my poor experience. She didn't even apologize for her employee's behavior. Johanna offered me a three-pose package. I told her I was extremely upset and angry over how I was treated. Again, she didn't seem to care.

I have been taking my kids to Portrait Innovations for five years. Every year I spend an average of $250, including the hard-back portrait books. This wasn't just one bad experience, this was one bad experience followed by a horrific, insulting, angry second experience.

Your employee AND the manager should BOTH be fired!

I am returning to the store on Thursday morning to choose photos because the printer was broken, so I have to waste more time by going back - again. Unbelievable!!

I will NEVER give my business to Portrait Innovations again.

my pictures

Good morning,
My name is RaeAnn Richardson and I went to the portrait innovations in Harrisburg on brindle road. I went to that location on December 15, 2018 at 215pm. I showed up early and was fine waiting however; I did not get taken to my shoot for 30 minutes after my appointment time. The family in front of me was very rude was and taking numerous pictures. The family had 4 kids and 5 adults which I thought was way over what was allowed. When i finally got to take my pictures the lady i had was wonderful. We finished our session and were selecting our pictures to keep. We were just about to select the package when the lady we had left. Another women there took over she really was fast however; we had a few questions on why we can not get out canvas different from our package. She said it was policy and she cant. I dont understand why i cant change that one picture. I am very frustrated on how tbat day went. I dont understand why i cant have access to all of my pictures if i paid for a package. That is ridiculous. Me and my family will not be returning if this doesnt get resolved. I dont feel that you have the right to keep our pictures and not allow us to purchase outside of the day we were there.

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Hello, I understand that's it's the holidays but when I say the greensboro nc location is so unorganized it's sickening. Our appointment was 3:50 we didn't not get out until 645.. One family was there since 230 n ain t get out until 25 prior to when we left. Kids was restless, famlies was highly upset. Was my baby first pictures and it's was ridiculous. Rarely anywhere to sat. Workers aint have nothing in order. Instead of doin a family picture in one room had to pack up and leave to go in other room to take others pictures I stead of changing background n same room and getting other famlies in and out.. Another thing it's outrageous how expensive the pictures n packets are. Famies are trying to capture memories and it's the holidays and the prices are so unacceptable.. You all need a change because it's too much, long waits, unorganized, no seating, overbooked, need more rooms. I was highly disappointed. Also my greeting cards were left out and the guy said maybe it was left on printer he checked never printed. We stay on the other side of town n realized pictures were missing. He jus said they will print them and we can get them when we pick up our mug. I'm just upset because my husband and took pictures here a few times before we jus had our first child the experience was horrible and we rather not come back for future pics. Need alot of changes... Hope you all look into this store and others if this continue its bad business. I really wanted my baby 1 year old pics here but I might have to reconsider. Also have a happy holidays.. Signed a disappointed mommy

session id#: 00150_[protected]_0001b


My family and I have always visited Portrait Innovations for keepsake photos and been happy with the service. Specifically, we always order canvases of our children for grandma. As the Waterloo, IA location closed and grandma needed new canvases, we loaded up our family for a 2 hour car ride to Davenport, IA for photos on Sunday, 2 Dec. Despite making an appointment for our session, photos started 40 minutes after our scheduled time slot. The photos were taken (with a great hurry as schedules were all behind), we were jostled between three different phot stations (computers not working), and rushed through a commitment of a $460 15-print package, including canvases and Christmas cards. After accepting payment from our credit card, Johanna informed us that the store printer was non-operational; we would have to return the following day to pick up our prints. We explained that this was not possible as we came from a distant location. She understood and agreed to mail the prints within the week. Additionally, as paperwork was reviewed, it was identified that the order was incorrectly entered as (1) 8x10 and (1) 5x7 of each print instead of (2) 5x7s. Johanna promised the printed and mailed package modified to all 5x7s (noted as such on my invoice receipt as well).

Our canvases were beautiful and arrived on Thurs, 6Dec. This triggered me to call the studio and ask the status of our prints & cards. On Fri, 7Dec Johanna informed me that the printer was still not operating and someone was physically driving to Rockford to print photos. My photos & cards would be mailed out when that individual returned.

Thurs, 13 Dec arrived & I still had no prints or cards. I called Johanna who indicated they still had not been printed. By this point, I was 2 weeks past my original commitment for photos and approaching a time-sensitive deadline for Christmas cards. I requested a refund and she stated she would have to talk to a regional manager and get back with me. She returned the call and offered a 20% discount, but no commitment on when my products would be shipped. I asked for a return call on my refund and she did not call back. I called at 5:45 prior to store closing and was informed she was in a session and would return my call. She did not.

Fri, 14 Dec I called Johanna and asked for status of my package. She indicated they still were not shipped and would need to talk to a regional manager. I requested the 20% discount as promised and overnight shipping of the prints/cards since they were time sensitive for the holiday (which is now 1 week away although they were ordered 2 weeks prior).

I'm frustrated with the poor customer service and lack of communication/commitment from Johanna. Can you please review? If my package is not received soon, I expect a full refund since they items won't be needed after the holiday.

There is no Corporate number available to escalate issues with and the store is not returning phone calls or delivering items ordered, despite withdrawing funds from my credit card.

I also plan on submitting a claim to the Better Business Bureau & filling a claim with my credit card for non-delivery of the product promised.


over charge

Kathy Brenner
session #00133 [protected] 0001C
Jessica R. assti.
Cranberry twp, Pa 16066

We were the first apt of the day.. I had my 2 yr old and 11 yr old grandson was doing xmas photo's. this was our 4th visit to the store.. always walked away with a good experience.. Jessica was real good with the 2 yr old.. but everything fell apart when checking out. I had plan to use my $19.95 coupon. and the 20% off. hoping to only spend around $50. 1st. I end up only using the $19.95 coupon but for some reason ended up paying $42.37. according to Jessice the extra cost is in the FINE PRINT.. there is a charge for the cup and ornament and other charges.. but the coupon says these are included in the 19.95 package.. was going to get a few extra photos. about 3 it took my cost to $71 and then when I checked out it came to $81.. I still can not phytom how! 9.95 went to $42.37.. People do not read fine print.. maybe that is how you do business. but In the long run.. people are going to quit coming.. I will not be back.. I ended up getting 1 photo shot of both kids together. I was hoping to also get one of extra one of each of them but for $81. I am on a limited income.. I can no longer afford coming to your business. and that is a shame because I like you business. sad to say good bye.. I did come home and read the fine print and there was nothing there to say you are being charged for cups and extra.. nothing to explain in the fine print the price jump of a 19.95 coupon only to $42.37

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    Printer was broke..will pick up this coming Saturday 6 days later.

pricing and photo quality

My husband and I went on Veterans Day weekend to take advantage of the discount. I made an appointment and called A WEEK in advance to ask about pricing. They were very cryptic and didn't give me an exact price but I thought the $19.99 package was a good deal. Turns out it was a scam to get more money. The "free mug" they offer is actually $10 shipping and if you aren't close to a store (we live an hour and a half away) they charge more to ship to you. The photographers all rolled their eyes at each other and rushed everyone in the studio. I saw two separate families cry because they were charged $600 for photo prints they wanted and had to DELETE all the photos in front of them because they didn't have enough money. We were supposed to use these photos for our holiday cards and couldn't use another printing service (like cvs or Shutterfly) because the quality was so low (even though we paid for these photos and have printing rights!) I went on to their website to see how much it would be to print 20, 4X6 prints and they wanted to charge $130!!! All this company wants to do is suck money out of your bank acccount and they don't care about customer service or the consumer.

pricing and photo quality


Hi went in to get birthday pics sonefoe her party a week away —had scheduled appt and live over an hour away ...after I pay they tell me the printer is down (hey knew the day before) and I would have to come back another day to pick up..finally after knowing I was over an hour away and couldn't comment back they said they would mail ...I call a week later and they just mailed them so now I will not even have for the purpose I went ...tried saying well we had to wait for them to print but that was a lie as they callwd me later than evening sayings printer got fixed and would be mailed out

pictures and email

On [protected] I went to your studio in Murrieta GA. I was suppose to receive an email to be able to share my pictures according to the sales associate. But still haven't received it. Its been two days since I emailed your company and still no response. I have came to your company for many years and this time has been the first that I have been disappointed in the staff at the studio. I had an appt and wasn't photographed till a long time later. The first photographer was amazing his a young dark skin gentleman. But the one in the second room a light skin young man was rude and unprofessional. When asked about the email they said it will get to you don't worry nobody wants to keep your pictures. I'm sorry but I do. I wasn't allowed to purchase additional ones and that's just not right. I referred my friend to your studio because I've always had a pleasant experience but apparently she had a worse encounter with your staff. I just want this to be corrected. One bad experience doesn't have to end our time with y'all


I came in on Saturday @ the Elmore location. The person who took our pictures was in a rush an the pictures didn't turn out the best we wanted them to be. Know when I asked about if I could get them uploaded on my phone she stated yes I downloaded the app an it said to go to my email an get a 4 digit code well it wasn't there I then called an asked for help she told me it takes 48 hrs I told her I never had a problem with u guys before an why would it take 48 hrs they should automatically be on there so I waited 48 hrs then I called the number on the Portiatinnovations screen an says if u r having problems I did they informed me they should of helped me an yes they should of been on my phone right away I am very unsatisfied an I would like to be called back when u get a chance I would of appreciated a more friendly person. Please call me at [protected]. Thank you.


Disaster experience at the Wyomissing, PA store. We waited two hours for our appointment which we made on-line. An appointment should take place at the time you make it! And the lead at the store blamed it on corporate for making appointments 10 minutes apart. UNACCEPTABLE. And you leave people with no choice but to stay as my family and I were all dressed and ready for pictures. And I have a 5 month old and a 4 year old, unacceptable to make a family wait two hours with little ones. Every party who walked in that store was livid. A few groups left. Not a good way to run a business. AND, i wanted the milk and cookie picture with my 5 month old because years ago my other little guy had it done and it was beautiful.
Their milk and cookies were BROKEN - well fix them!! We drove 50 minutes to get here, because the studio by our house closed - I wonder why?? Do not have pictures taken here.

I am complaining about service that I received from your east lansing location

Hi my name is Farieda Miller, and i had recently had a photo session done by your company In East Lansing. Upon arrival the customer service that me and my family received was horrible. Our appointment was set for 5 pm and we didn't start taking pictures until an hour later. My second issue was when we had to go through the pictures to pick which ones we wanted, we was rushed and was told that we couldn't get rights to our photos unless we spent 300$ or more, which i knew was a lie because of a friend that had recently gotten photos taken and he received the right to his photos with only picking two poses. I am very unhappy with the service and i don't feel comfortable returning to this company for my family pictures ever again, i wont even recommend this company any more it use to be my favorite.

$19.99 special offer with 2 free gifts

What a joke! Today 11/21/18 was NOT a good experience at your Wyomissing store. We had a 10am appointment, when we arrived we waited 1.5 hours to have our photos taken. We were doing family pictures and were only offered 2 backgrounds and they kept pushing the Christmas tree one, witch we DID NOT want. After going through our pictures and choosing 1 (it was hard because they were NOT that good for many reasons, mostly because of camera mans error)we selected the $19.99 offer to be told our total was over $42.00. What a misleading joke! How sad that your company would mislead the pubic, and loyal customers. We asked to have the 2 free gifts taken off as we did not need them and they refused and said we don't think we can do that, and kept saying you need that "insurance" on the products. If you are going to offer a deal, you should truly make it a deal, or state $20.00 plus dollars "insurance fee" will be added, and you truly are not getting a good deal. You or they also need to learn how to schedule customers and employees so by 10am they are not already 1.5 hours behind, witch is funny because at 10 am they were only open an hour!

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    Farieda Miller Nov 23, 2018
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    wow i am truly in aww of the comments that ive seen about this company. It seems that we all are having the same problems what a fucking joke it just makes it worse to see that the same thing is happening everywhere. It makes me wonder if corporate will do anything about the problem. This is sickening seriously

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visitor logs - apts

I scheduled an appt there on 11/18/18 to have my 3 year old daughters picture taken for her upcoming 4th Birthday for 5:20pm. When I got there I was told there was 2 family's ahead of me and it wouldn't be long. After sitting there for over an hour and a half of waiting while they took like 4 other family's before us we finally got acknowledged and she had stated that we would be next after another family. My daughter is only 3 years old she got impatient and was pulling her pony tails out and was getting impatient. So I said to the lady that when we first walked in for our 5:20pm appt they told us there was 2 family's ahead of us and that it wouldn't be long and now they took like 5 family's and that my daughter was getting impatient. They totally ignored what we said and continued doing what they were doing and that was a lot of nothing. There were about 6 staff working there one standing around and 2 others in the photo room standing around 2 more taking pictures and another one just sitting at the computers. When my sister and I were complaining about this to EA OTHER and deciding weather or not we were going to wait the one girl in there interrupted us and said very cocky that and as you see we only have 2 photo rooms and my sister stated to her yeah i know so why do you only take one family at a time you have 2 rooms then you should take one family in one room and another family in another room she then started to get very loud with my sister and I said I wanted the managers phone number and she stated that she is the manager and she got very close to my sister and kneeled down in front of her getting very smart with her. I do not remember her name but this was at the Wyomissing office i Had had 3 years of bad experience in this place and this was my last draw. I will never come back to this place again...


I was at the studio on Sunday and they were getting behind time with taking customers pictures, my daughter had already taken her pictures but I was ask can I sit by myself and pick out my favorite pictures at the computer, and than she left and went to take another person pictures why I was sitting their all by myself which is normally done with the worker, not by myself, so I told her I am not doing her job. so I left and didn't get my pictures. I have been going to portrait innovations for almost 6 years and I have been there Christmas time when it was crowded but was never ask to sit at the computer and pick my pictures out all by self I thought that was so unprofessional.

holiday portraits 11/11/18 cary nc

I scheduled holiday portraits for my sons. I confirmed on the phone I wanted holiday portraits. When I arrived tonight I discussed in detail with our photographer what we wanted and he had no issues. A second employee stepped in and took over refusing to listen to what I wanted. Told me flat out this is what she does and I don't have to buy them. I drove 45 minutes to get to the studio, spent over an hour there only to find out they didn't take one picture of my sons in front of the Christmas tree background. Needless to say we left upset, wasting our evening and no pictures. I have been going to this studio for years and will NEVER go back.

service, pricing & misleading

I scheduled an appointment a week out for family pictures of my son and I. At the time that I scheduled it, there was a coupon for a package that included a 16x20 canvas for $29.99... Nothing was mentioned about any additional fees. Once I got through and chose what picture I wanted, at first the photographer said the special had expired. I said no because I scheduled it a week ago, and it should be honored. And if not, I should have been informed at the time I scheduled. She finally found a code to use.

But then I was informed that there was.a $9.99 handling fee. Um .. No. I was not informed of that. This is NOT ok. I had only budgeted and planned for the $29.99, plus tax. NOT $45!!!

The canvas was the main reason I was wanting the package.

In addition... I was very adament with the photographer that I did NOT want the white background as one of my 4. She said ok. But then said I have to do it. Excuse me but if I don't want something I should NOT be forced to do it.

And then I was told my pictures would be ready in 15-20 minutes. I came back a good 45 minutes later and they were not ready.

I'm very disappointed in this studio. And I've used it before.

I need to know what is going to be done to fix this issue!!

I expect a response. Thank you.

photo session and product

I went into the studio for an appointment. They did the photo session. I asked very specific questions, so that there would be no misunderstanding. I asked if I selected only one pose, would the CD that came with the promotion package have only one pose on it? The employee replied to me no ma'am it will have all of the poses taken for you on it, but you will not have copy rights, so you will only be able to view them or share them online, but you will not be able to print them. I asked more than once and repeated back to her what she stated to me, to make sure. so at the end of the session the manager and the assistant manager came over and acknowledged that the employee admitted to stating this to me, giving me this information, but then stated that oh well she's new, so that was invalid information, and that the won't honor what she stated, because she gave the wrong information. rather she was wrong or not was not my fault, I do not work there nor do I know their rules, but they should have honored what the employee said that she said it, and gave her more training on the correct information. Then I ordered a canvas, they mailed the wrong pose out, I call in about it, and Rita states to me that I need to bring the canvas that they mailed out back in to the store, and when I do then they will reorder the correct one that should have been mailed to me in the first place. why should I have to waist my gas and time when it was their error. I ordered a package with one pose and everything was suppose to have that pose. I should not have to be inconvenienced any further than I already have, with their errors. I can be contacted at [protected]. Thank you. My name is Nikki Robertson, and my session ID was 0200_[protected]_00048_01. again Thank you.


Nikki Robertson