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Kells' Natural Photography Complaints & Reviews

Crystal Kells, Kells Natural Photography / mental illness

Feb 25, 2018

There is a really awful person on the Internet that I think everyone should be aware of. This person is a bully and an all around horrible person who preaches one thing then does another. Her name is Crystal Kells of Kells Natural Photography and she lives in Stoney Creek (Hamilton) Ontario...

Crystal Kells, Kells Natural Photography, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada / photography

Feb 25, 2018

Here we go again... Crystal Kells is on another one of her crazy tangents, this time calling out a woman who has been raped and harassing her to near suicide. Are you sure you want to do business with Crystal Kells of Kells Natural Photography? Anyone standing up for her at this point i...

Crystal Kells / harassment

Nov 21, 2017

The thing with Crystal Kells is that she only accepts opinions that are similar to hers. If you disagree with her opinion, you're automatically labelled ignorant and a bully, and then you are subjected to harassment from her. There's currently a group of 7 disgruntled past customers who...

Kells' Natural Photography / photography services

Sep 29, 2017

Crystal Kells of Kells' Natural Photography is a mental patient. She takes horrible photos of the grossest looking people then considers herself talented. She is a joke to the photography world. Half the time her photography is of her son dressed up like a little girl, as if that's not bad...

Kells' Natural Photography / Photography

May 04, 2017

Kells' Natural Photography run by Crystal Kells (Crystal Wright) is a photography "business" run out of Ancaster/Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Not a very professional one! Crystal Kells begs for likes and reviews on facebook. Whenever someone leaves a real review, usually one star, she either...