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They are a junk debt collector who buy huge blocks of uncollectible debt from legitimate credit
company's for pennies on the dollar. Do the math if they pay .05 to .09 cents per dollar your $1000 credit debt cost them $50 to $90 bucks, but wait they still want the $1000 plus they continue to add interest to a debt the original creditor, (for example: Chase, American Express, Capital One, HSBC, Discover, whoever) has already tryed to collect in house, placed with a collection agency, charged off, written off as a loss or paid with a portion of the ridiculous interest you are charged. So here come the junk debt collectors the bottom feeders of the credit world.
If your debt is past the Statue of Limitations in your state, (GOOGLE IT), they have no legal standing and cannot pursue you in court, although some will file in court against you so you inform the Judge this is a Time Barred Debt past the Statue of Limitations for taking Legal action and request the case be Dismissed, BYE BYE Junk Debt Collector every time.
If your debt is still within the SOL for Collection don't talk to them on the phone, make them put it in writing and then request a Debt Validation, (GOOGLE IT) most of the time they won't bother and will move on to the next victim who is unaware of their right's, The Junk Debt Collector's want money they don't want to spend money, they want it over the phone simple, fast, easy.
I know some of you think phone calls must be answered!!! If you don't know who the caller is don't answer, put the number into the Google Search Bar and find out who it is. If it is a Junk Debt Collector BLOCK the number!!! Set it and Forget it.
Don't let them Harass you, Scare you, Con you, Intimidate you, or play you for a fool. You got the credit by yourself so do some research and protect yourself, YOU HAVE RIGHT'S and these slimeballs hope your stupid so they can take you for a ride to the Tune of Billions of Dollars thanks to Uniformed Consumer's. I was a Credit Dummy to start everyone is, WAKE UP, I have made Major Creditor's look like fools when I got Cases Dismissed with no Lawyer, I took back my life and Blocked there phone number's, I have called them on the Carpet for Illegally using the USPS, and I have sued them and won for violating TheFederal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Get up go on the Internet and in the Courtroom and learn. The greatest fear these Jerks have is a Consumer who is educated about Credit, the Law's and Unafraid to stand up and be recoginized.
Good Luck to All Of You

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  • Li
      13th of Jun, 2012

    Nice job Peter J. Brockman especially since you work for them LOSER!

    I never authorized this company PRA, to gain access to my credit report and I am unsure who Firsten is that shows PRA buying up this old debt from. I also have asked the company to stop calling my house twice a day or more, which violates the FCDA. This company needs to be put to a stop!

    Phone calls are recorded on my caller ID log. This company doesn't leave any messages just keeps calling until I answer, however I refuse to answer infact when it shows up as PRA, I answer and hang up without even saying hello. Grow up PRA, and get your laws straight. This company is a JUNK DEBT BUYER and is not LEGITIMATE! If this company is legal and legitimate why call from different numbers and not the same number? It makes them look bad, as they have to call from several different area codes/numbers why can't you use ONE number to call from? You know you're conducting illegal activities and need to be put to a stop ASAP! I have blocked numerous numbers from PRA, and they always call back AGAIN from different numbers. Don't give these people any information or let them try to scare you into paying something that you do NOT owe.

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  • Li
      20th of Jun, 2012

    It takes a real loser to come on these boards and tell someone to USE YOUR BRAIN. Maybe the company ought to USE THEIR BRAINS, as well. I never authorized any use of my CC for this company to begin with. Furthermore, the company they CLAIM i owe money to is false. Get your facts straight. We just had to file ID theft because someone stole our financial information and now these bottom feeders are trying to collect on something that we do NOT owe. I state LOSER because it takes a real first class LOSER to come on these boards and tell people to improve their finances. Especially, when you do NOT know EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THESE BOARDS SITUATION. You are NOT GOD and don't presume to think that you're better then anyone else because you sit behind a computer telling people to PAY THEIR BILLS. You sir can ROT IN HELL! Must be nice to know you're a perfect excuse for a sorry ### individual who doesn't know their facts from squat. So shut up and go troll some other boards, where people MIGHT actually consider you to be a human being. This company files false reports and also harasses people more often then not, and have already been proven to be in violation of FDCA. If you support any company that actually does that then you're really a loser. Go away and bother someone else!

    -3 Votes
  • Li
      20th of Jun, 2012

    Oh btw, do you have a job?! If all you do is sit on here and tell people to GOOGLE IT!

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  • Li
      20th of Jun, 2012

    Bitter old wench and fat? Sounds like an angry kid eh? I want people to stop doing illegal things, nothing wrong with that. If you consider that mad then so be it! At least I have a conscious and a descent set of morals, anyone who works for a scam company like this needs to be smacked in to reality, go get a real job! I don't see how anyone could do a bill collection job act like that, go home and sleep at night, knowing that their company is doing illegal collection practices. Now let's talk about whose mad?!

    -3 Votes
  • Br
      20th of Jun, 2012

    Lisa - your authorization to view your credit report is not necessary.

    +2 Votes

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