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I get a phone call on my CELL phone just a couple of minutes ago, on my cellphone, and it is 10:27 pm at night here. I answer it, and this woman begins asking for me, and I ask her where she is calling from. She told me the company name, and I ask her, do you know where I live? She said "yes, you live in _____". I wanted to be sure, since I HAD moved a couple of years ago, and maybe there was something that I forgot and left behind to pay. But yes, she had my right state, and yes, it was wayyyy past the legal time to call. I informed her of the time where I was, and that I KNEW the credit laws concerning times to call, and she began to tell me of how "well, it's not my fault, this is just an automated system and it told me to call you..." I reminded her that HER system told her to call me PAST the legal time, which was harassment, and said, "now where were you calling from?"... she told me Porfolio Recovery and I told her "Thank you very much, that is all I need" and hung up. Nope, I didn't even wait to find out WHY she called. Frankly, anybody that calls me at that time of night won't get any kind of "nice" conv:ersation from me because that is just plain harassment. Right now, I don't care if she was calling about a $10 doctor's bill, LET it go on my credit file, I don't care, because I refuse to be harassed. I have children. I have a husband that has to be up very very early for work. Companies that resort to harassment will NOT intimidate me. LET them put whatever they want on my credit file... given the way the economy is, mine probably won't look any worse than anybody elses out there. It definately hasn't stopped my buying a new car recently... So lady who calls me at 10:27 pm...BITE ME...

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  • Ar
      Aug 21, 2009

    Why don't you just pay the bill? Then you wouldn't have had to deal with it in the first place. Dont try to play victum either, pay the bill you owe and quit trying to get something for nothing.

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  • Sh
      Aug 24, 2009

    wow ... guess some folks just borrow money or take out loans and screw everyone huh.

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