Popeyes Chickenservice

Incident at Store # 11798. Phone [protected]. 6105 ringgold road east ridge TN. At 3:25 on 7 Jan 2017. I was screamed at and called racist names by afro-American employee at my car when I ask her what they were going to do about shorting me 4 biscuits the last time I was at Popeyes. My wife and I were sitting in parking slot as we were directed waiting for our meal. I had asked the window server at the drive through ...her name was Raven b. Who was not nasty to us... First about the biscuits, and she said she check on it.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in East Ridge, TN Then a different server who brought the meal to our car was extremely nasty to us when I ask the question again. she ignored my request again ...started screaming at me storming back in the store, and under her breath used racist remarks saying honkey...or something like that...since I am a white male. This action by her is actually a hate crime and a class lll felony. I demand an apology from the manager and a form of restitution in 72 hours or I'm getting an attorney and this is going to ugly and I'm going to the media to make this get national attention. My bill was $42.59 cents
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Approval 009550. Sequence 010328

Curtis Fike

Jan 09, 2017

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