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In August I pre-ordered ultra sun and ultra moon specifically for the plushes/mystery gift. I didn't have the funds for both which I realized on Nov. 11th when I saw a pre-authorization for one game only. I added the funds and chatted with a Pokemon center agent on Saturday to ask if my order would still be charged and sent out. I only ever received one pre-authorization charge. I asked multiple times and the agent told me my order was fine and would be sent out. Here we are Nov. 19 and there is no charge, two days past release date. I chat again with an agent and am now told no order was sent due to issue with funds and my order would expire. Absolutely no good customer service and only a ticket was put in with no real answers as to why the agent on Nov 11 told me everything was fine only to have my order essentially not charged. Even the FAQ states a second or multiple attempt will be made on orders and it wasn't done. Thanks Pokemon center for screwing me over and hiring such helpful agents.

Nov 19, 2017

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