PODS - www.pods.combeware of these people. they are awful!

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PODs. They are nationwide and on line.

They are unbelievable!

I ordered two pods, did NOT order blankets or locks, in fact went to U-Haul and bought my own items.

Nevertheless, they loaded these items in to the POD containers, apparently expected me to remove them and return them to the driver who picked the pods up and when I didn't they charged me $119/month to rent blankets and a lock

I never even used!

You can never reach management, only surly people at customer service, and they continue to charge and charge and charge.

Beware of these people. They are AWFUL

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  • La
      Sep 11, 2007

    Pods is worthless I've used them before and they screwed me around to, thats why i never recommend any one to them.

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  • Jo
      Nov 21, 2008

    I've also had a bad experience and as a result am contemplating setting up a website to expose what is happening. If you have had a bad experience with PODS then please send me an email: [protected]


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  • Jc
      Dec 03, 2008

    Similar experience for us with overcharges. POD came with moving supplies we didn't order. They got shipped with the POD and returned on the other end when the POD was picked up. We've been dealing with cust service for several months. ALWAYS the same response... "Someone will get back to you about your refund."

    HUGE thumbs down!

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  • Co
      Mar 23, 2009

    March 23, 2009

    Unsatisfied Customer (9/5/07)

    Dear Valued Customer:

    We are in receipt of your complaint with PODS Enterprises, Inc and we are concerned about the service you are reporting. We would like to assist with bringing some resolution to the situation. Would you please provide your PODS Enterprises, Inc. account information via email address below and we would be happy to assist. We have also provided a toll free number for your reference.

    Thank you


    [protected] ext. 6303

    PODS Enterprises, Inc.

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  • Tu
      Dec 03, 2010

    My wife and my experience is worse then those above!
    Our situation was bad from the beginning the way we were sold the pod was misrepresented. At first we both thought that well "maybe we just misunderstood the sales person?" now that we are further into our unfortunate relationship we now believe we were lied to.
    We were told we would have a free month every few months, that that not so small amount we paid down would also cover delivery (once we were ready) to a local new move-in. That being with-in reason and distance.
    Just today (my wife's birthday) we called to make a payment. We were informed that we could not pay because our account was in collections and that our belongings were set to be auctioned.
    My wife broke down in tears! The personon the other side of the phone could barely speak English (India) and forwarded her to a collection agent who was not there.
    She called again got another English barely a second language, who claimed he was in Florida (obvious lie) and while my wife was in full tears proceeded to transfer her once again to the collection person who was not in.
    Now this is two payments, and one of those we were told was to be free.
    I was told "POD's" was notorious for kinky business practice, now I see for mysel[censored]
    About an hour or so later one of the "English as a second language guys" called and took our payment. We have yet to see if our storage is out of the pre auction the saga goes on!

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