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Resolved misleading pricing and fees

PODS is way too expensive and I won't use them again.

If you have temporary storage needs do not call PODS unless you want to spend a small fortune. They gouge you with delivery fees, non-asphalt surface fees, monthly fees and finally pick up fees. They charge you an extra fee at every possible change they get.

It is sickening.

If you need storage do yourself a favor and go to BJs, SAMS, Costco or one of the big box stores and buy a 10x20 "garage in a box" for around $300. These are fairly easy to set up (you can do it alone in a couple hours) and they're very sturdy.

With the "garage in a box" you can store your stuff for as long as you want without having PODS sucking your checking account dry every month.
When you're done with the shelter, throw it away or give it away. You'll have saved yourself $100's or $1000's when it's all said and done.

NOW>>> IF YOU NEED TO MOVE... don't hire a POD! Google this too... they are very rough with the pods and will not honor insurance claims without a long drawn out fight.

Instead, go to www.uship.com and get bids on your move. You'll save yourself $1000's here too.

PODS and Carrie Ayers (from their collections dept) suck.

misleading pricing and fees

  • So
    S.O.L Feb 10, 2011

    I think it's all part of a certain Mr Louis Gibson's plan to take over the world...

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  • Al
    Allan22 Feb 10, 2011

    all of those fees im sure are outlined in the agreement you probably signed... people just dont think to ever read it...

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  • D0
    d0n Feb 10, 2011

    I never signed an agreement. I never set foot in a POD store. Everything was done via the internet and telephone.

    God help you if you refuse to pay any of their ridiculous fees!!!

    They'll hound you to the ends of the earth. My debit card was cancelled due to fraud just before I scheduled the POD pick up. Pods picked up the container and then couldn't siphon the last $49 pick up fee from my debit card because it was no longer active.

    They emailed and called me numerous times a day. Everyday. They REALLY REALLY wanted their $49 pick up fee I guess. They do record all their calls because they played my call back for me while I was on the phone. Evidently, I did agree to the ridiculous $49 pick up fee.

    I'm honestly surprised that PODS is still in business. I can't imagine they have an REPEAT business because their so expensive and are such incompetent ar$eholes. Eventually, they'll run out of new customers and go out of business.

    Screw pods and that skank Carrie Ayers in their collections dept.

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  • D0
    d0n Mar 29, 2011


    Pods has been jerking me around for months! the constantly harrassed me with daily phone calls and emails over a $49 pickup fee that I had previously negotiated off of the contract.

    I stated posting on the internet about what a terrible company pods is. there's 100's of "pods sux" reviews already on the internet anyway.

    So, pods emails me and asks me to sign a release saying I won't post about my issues with pods on the internet and they will refund $111 to me. I agreed and signed the release. months lateer I noticed they never refunded the money! I called and they said they refunded it. pods had 2 debit cards on file for my account. they knew one of the cards was invalid (it had expired) because they couldn't take the $49 pickup fee from it. I ended up paying the $49 pickup fee with my new debit card.

    So, what does pods do? they refund the money to my expired debit card!!! they knew it wouldn't go through and therefore they'd end up not paying the refund. but, if I caight them, they could play dumb and pretend they thought they did the right thing. i'm glad I caught them. i'm sure they got away with this little scam 100's of other times.

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  • Ob
    OboePollo Sep 14, 2012

    Worse choice ever. I chose pods figuring it was a well established big company. HORRIBLE. Moved from PA to CA and traveled a month. Got to CA to find out my stuff was never shipped. After waiting days for them to review the call to see if it was my fault or there's (since they accused me first) they find out its there fault and the guy never put in for a ship date. It was supposed to be there the last week of August. I find out its not there Sept 5th they then tell me it won't be here till the 21st! So I incur 400 dollars in receipts for needed interview clothes then they had the nerve to charge me 265 in a monthly storage fee while its in transit because they are late. A week later their customer resolution center calls me back (after I spoke with three people who were oh so sympathetic to our situation) to then tell me they are only refunding me the storage fee they accidentally charged me and refund my clothing receipt but nothing more. So I asked...is it fair that from the 11th to the 21st I couldn't move into my place because I refused to pay rent to sleep on my floor and have no stuff to cook food with? Is it fair we have been couch crashing all over cali trying to save money because I still haven't been refunded? Is it fair they never offered us even a freaking hotel room? Is it fair I was offered a job making 50k a year to start Tuesday but I cannot because my official college documents are in my pod? And is it fair I may lose the chance for that job? How is there only "I'm so sorry this happened to you" a fair business way to compensate stressed out people who just moved? Business ethics? Customer service ethics? Apparently my worth is only my debit card. Now I have to wait another weekend with no full refund yet or answer to my additional refund until Monday because they cannot issue the refund I was already promised unless they know if I am getting more. I will laugh if they try to offer me a hundred bucks...take the transit cost of 3500 and pay me at least half since you got my stuff here half assed. I have submitted a complaint with the bbb and contacted the attorney general and I contacted pods media site with a forwarding letter to the CEO and bombed their Face Book site and I plan to continue warning people and writing their company and calling media until this is resolved. My entire adventure of moving cross country came to a hault when this happened. I'm down money and can't even start a new potential job and my bank is withering since the 650 promised can't be returned while they pursue further compensation.

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  • De
    desit Oct 26, 2012

    i had them ship my stuff for the 23 of OCT, its now Nov and they now tell me it wont reach me till NoV 10, do not under any circumstances use this company, not only did they not honor their side of the contract and left me hanging with an empty house while i wait for my stuff to arrive they wanted to charge me another 300$ even though they screwed up and wont even do anything to fix the situation or even to appease its customers...terrible company look elsewhere

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Resolved &on demand& if you want to pay $1,100 for 200 miles!!!

I was laid off and with the economy being what it is I applied for jobs in my hometown of Indianapolis as well as my current city of Chicago. When nothing seemed to be happening I decided to take off to stay with a friend in Ireland for a few weeks until something came up. PODS seemed like the perfect solution because I was not sure where I would end up. I put everything I owned aside from what I could fit in a suitcase into a 8*8*7 container.

Now, when I called to order the POD they were most helpful and I thought was just so convienent and perfect for my situation. I explained my situation and said "Now, if I move to Indianapolis you can move it there right?" he said "Absolutely, it would just cost more due to milage." which I expected... just like a moving van right? I ordered the POD a few days before they delivered it and they were able to pick it up and deliver it in a timely and efficient manner without a lot of notice. The cost for them to deliver and pick up was very reasonable and the rent was just slightly what it would be at other rental faciliies, which I assumed was due to the ease of PODS use.

So they picked it up and put it in storage at their facility in Carol Stream, IL right outside Chicago.

Three weeks later I started a job I landed in Indianapolis. As soon as I was able (I had been staying with family) I found an apartment and promptly called them to deliver my POD.

They told me that they, the people who say right on their website "We move it across town or across the country." were a different franchise in Carol Stream then in Indianapolis (which is only approximately 200 miles apart) and they would have to go through a third party to move it. This would cost me $1, 100. $1, 100 to move 200 miles!!?!?!? A third party? To move a POD that they themselves advertise THEY can move across the COUNTRY?

Naturally, I was a bit taken aback as I had expected to pay MAYBE half of that.

NOT TO MENTION that they said they need like 14 days notice PLUS 5 days for delivery. Which is ironic considering it took them about 2 days to get me an empty POD and now that my stuff was in one and I was paying RENT for them to hold it...suddenly they needed all this time?!?!?

After I spoke with the first person who quoted me I was in shock and told them I'd have to figure out another plan. I then thought it over and called them back to tell them how unhappy I was about it. They transfered me to "Platnum Services" which was a joke and got me no where. THEN they actually had a person CALL ME later that day to ask how my experience with PODS was. I explained everything I was unhappy about and they said "I will forward this on to Platnum Services and we will review the inital phone call to see if you were perhaps mislead and someone will call you back today."

No one has called and it's been 5 days.

My stuff is in their POD and I have yet to figure out how I'm going to have time (after starting a new job) to go get it when it was something I never planned to have to do.

I am VERY unhappy and feel that I was completely blindsided. I feel that they are completely misleading on their website and with the whole operation. People need to be made aware of this..it is a complete rip-off!

  • Br
    Broomy81 Jul 20, 2009

    They should've given you the quote for moving the container to Indy beforehand. That was obviously going to be the most expensive part of the transaction.

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Resolved property damage

I used three 16 foot pods to move from ny to co. The people in customer service were nice on the phone, accomodating with changes and seemed like a dream come true for my moving experience. I spaced my pod units out over a a few days for packing. The delivery to my new home would be within a few weeks.

When the pods arrived to my new home the first two were fine. There were no problems with my items. The last pod (Which was the first packed) arrived after being packed up for three weeks with serious water damage to my belongings because the plastic roof, which is secured by washers and bolts, was damaged.

There were missing bolts and several of the bolts had separated from the roof allowing the roof to flap open in the wind, rain and snow. Along the back of the pod there was only one bolt holding the roof down. I took picutres of the water damage and mold on my belongings, the water stains and mold on the inside of the pod and pictures of the damaged roof.

I called in to customer service and filed a claim immmediately (Within a few hours of receiving this pod). Three days later, when the pod was to be picked up, I showed the driver the roof and he came out with a broom and easily lifted the back portions of the roof. He wanted to check if the roof was properly secured, and he verified that it was not. He called in to the district office and described the damage. He even left me a business card and wrote the name of a person with whom I should speak.

After the pod was picked up, I was asked to send over pictures as proof of damage. Then, I patiently waited a month for resolution, for some kind of reply. Pods emailed back stating that there was no damage to the unit (Even with proof of pictures) and that water damage was not covered - how convenient! In a phone call, they stated that the driver denied lifting up the roof and they continue to adamantly deny any damage to the pod at all.

So, the water damge was described as "my fault". Now I must pursue a legal process to try to recoup my extensive losses. I detail my experience to save other people from the expensive personal loss that I have incurred by using pods. Pods does not live up to their claims of safe, clean and secure storage and protection of personal belongings. I have lost thousands of dollars (Well over twenty thousand) due to water damage that was sustained during my cross country move.

Ps I am not alone in this ordeal. There are other consumers who experienced similar problems in using pods. Read these consumer's experiences with pods:

Http: / / www.Thesqueakywheel.com/complaints/2009/jan/complaint42943. Cfm

Http://www.Consumeraffairs.com/movers/pods. Html

property damage
property damage
property damage
property damage
property damage
property damage
property damage
property damage
property damage
property damage
property damage
property damage

  • Co
    Consu71 Mar 20, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    March 20, 2009

    Via Internet


    RE: Salsbury, Susan (100875821)
    Complaint # 49635

    On 1/19/09, Ms. Salsbury contacted PODS, Inc. to file a claim for content damage due to water intrusion and the claim was processed. On 2/20/09, Ms. Salsbury was presented an initial offer in the amount of $1, 000.00 as a goodwill gesture with which she declined. This matter remains open under re-investigation as per Ms. Salsbury’s request until such time as an agreed upon resolution is determined.

    PODS Enterprises Inc. prides itself of its quality customer service and I regret that Ms. Salsbury experienced anything less and please be aware that our representatives have been mentored correctly. We sincerely apologize for any instance where a customer is not completely satisfied with a PODS experience. When a customer notifies our company of a less than satisfactory experience, we endeavor to review the processes that gave rise to the customer feedback and take appropriate measures to address their comments.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at (727) 538-6332 with any questions or concerns.


    Arlene Vogt
    Incident Resolution Administrator

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  • Su
    Susan Salsbury Mar 24, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Let me clearly state the facts about my claim:

    1. This claim was initially denied. I have an email and a formal letter which were sent stating that "no physical damage to the Pod was found" even after I sent over 200 pictures as proof per the request of your representatives.

    2. This claim was re -opened only after people started to comment regarding my experience on various websites that detailed this incident along with pictures documenting the damage to the POD.

    3. Although there was a $1000.00 offer made a few days after the re-opening of this claim, due to the amount of damage sustained, I did not feel that it was an earnest offer. I have been trying to act in a fair manner. I did not claim all damages incurred, time spent cleaning, washing, repairing etc., nor did I ask for current market value of my collectables, only the original purchase price. I had many collectibles in mint condition in original boxes that are over forty years old. Just for the fact that the two beds I lost cost over $4000.00 alone seemed reason enough to decline this offer.

    4. When the damage was reported on January 19, 2009, I aksed, then begged for an adjuster to be sent out to assess the damages while the Pod in question was still on my property. I called four times in as many days and each and every time I was assured that adjusters are not ever sent out as PODS would just pay the claim. The process was explained that I would receive a form to fill out, submit it back to the analysts and that was all that was required to be reimbursed for personal property damages.

    5. I was repeatedly informed that I should not keep any of the damaged items because no adjuster would be sent out. To me, this seemed illogical to dispose of any evidence that would substantiate my losses. Yesterday on 3/23/2009 an adjuster was sent to my home, three months after the fact, to view all items listed on my claim form. Lucky for me I retained almost all the items against the advice of PODS representatives. I had to dispose of a set of feather pillows as they were badly molded and posed a health threat even after being cleaned. I also had to dispose of a metal train set from the late 50's because the pieces were so rusted that none of the local hobby shops felt that restoration was possible. However, I have pictures of these items prior to disposal.

    It is a shame that I have continually been misinformed and ill-advised by PODS repsresentatives concerning this claim. Advice to others who are reading this; Should you consider using PODS please make sure to do the following to protect your property:

    1. Inspect the POD before packing. Make sure that it is in good condition and that the roof is properly secured in place and that the door functions properly.

    2. Take pictures of your items before packing, then samples of how items were packed and then pictures of how your POD was packed with items/boxes secured properly inside the POD. Make sure to use straps, ropes or plywood to provide stability during transit.

    3. Should dany damage to POD or items be discovered, notify PODS immediately and document all phone calls, times, dates, representative names and brief descritption of discussion content. Recording the phone call would be best as PODS states that they record all their calls for training purposes.

    3. Take clear pictures and video to document and substantiate your losses.

    4. Do not ever get rid of your damaged items. Safely store them for future reference until your claim is settled.

    -Susan Salsbury

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  • Ca
    Cathycat Jan 04, 2017

    I can certainly identify with all who have commented on PODS customer service reps. The CSR's I have encountered are not customer service oriented, not in the least. When I researched the cost and whether their service would meet my needs I did so over a period of a few days - I asked questions online via chat, I telephoned a few times asking clarification etc. Once I felt I had sufficient information I went ahead with the online order of a pod and elected to add the $5, 000 contents insurance. I had spoken with a young man at one point and he had encouraged me to insure the contents stating that most likely I would not need the insurance but better safe than sorry or something like that. I asked what the insurance would cover and he just kept stating that I was insuring the contents against any type of incident. I asked if they had many problems with theft in our area and I was told they had not had problems and that of course I should always lock the container to be safe at all times, "preventing any sort of incident." I took that to mean I was insuring the contents for theft. Wrong Wrong Wrong. The Pod was broken into and we have video of the entire theft. I called to file a claim and was informed I had no theft insurance -- the insurance I had purchased was in case lightening struck or a huge tree were to fall on the pod - or it were to flood and incur water damage. I explained my previous conversations and the representative advised me to look at the insurance contract. When I reviewed documents after the order the insurance contract was not initially available and certainly was not attached to the initial contract. Even with the rep telling me to look for the contract in "documents" this contract was not readily available and did not popup at all. However when I finally did get the contract to come up and printed the two pages of tiny tiny print I quickly learned I had just been duped this whole experience felt like the scene from the Wizard of Oz -- "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." Yeah, right... Boy oh boy - that contract covers the PODS company's butts in entirety. There is a paragraph that basically says that while our reps may have talked to you about insurance we are not an insurance company and they are not insurance agents. Our employees did not promise or sell insurance and blah blah blah -- totally covering the company and "agents." It's actually a whole lot of nonsense. I know legally they have it covered but they ARE encouraging individuals to take out insurance in case of any type of "incident." I was assured this would cover me. I told the young man of my previous contact with PODS and at this point I told him I was not happy with being sold insurance I would not have agreed to had I been informed truthfully of what i was covering. I asked for my insurance money back and of course I was told an incident (they love that word) claim would be filed and someone will get back to me within 3 to 5 days. I'm sure I'm not the only one sold insurance they did not need. I have NO trees anywhere near my home. Lightning striking? Serious? What are the chances in Sacramento, CA? Flooding? Ah, no -- I don't live in an area that would flood. I maintain that I would NOT have paid for the insurance if the CSR would have been truthful. However, from my recent attempts to communicate with PODS I really am starting to wonder if the reps even know anything about what they are selling. I really don't feel they are adequately trained. I would like the insurance money back. I have no problem paying for the pod. But the insurance is a scam - or at least for me it was.

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Resolved mistakes cost customers


The nightmare started for us at the beginning and we assumed it would get better but no. We started with ordering moving supplies from them and specifically asked if they would be delivered before our return home from vacation because we did not want the boxes, etc. on the porch, in the rain. They submitted our receipt with a date placed ahead for delivery but the boxes were delivered a week early and yes they were out in the rain and even a tornado by the time we got home from our trip. Next, the POD was delivered 8 hours late on the scheduled day so we lost an entire day of packing time and our house had to be shown to a possible buyer with boxes sitting around waiting to go in the un delivered POD. Now it is the end of the day for the pick up of our packed POD, which by the way we were just told a week ago had to be picked up seven days before it's delivery to our new house that is only 10 hours away. Therefore we've been without our things now for days because it had to

be packed for this early pick up but they never picked up because some brilliant person entered it as 2009 in their system. We've called 6 times today and they kept telling us that they were on the way then at 9 pm they quickly sent out an email that stated we were being picked up tomorrow. Now they say that they are unable to deliver it to our new house until a day later than scheduled which means the movers will now keep our money since there will be nothing to move, our disabled child will be sleeping on a hard, and who knows how clean floor and we lose another day in our move. They have offered nothing to make up for this and still insist that they have to use seven days to get the POD 10 hours down the road.

So, this hype about the advantage of having it on your drive way to pack as you please and take your time is crap because it's late then they inform you later that you really have to be picked up seven days before you are ready so you will be without your things. I only hope they don't lose the POD enroute and I will never use them again. Because of this, we have also had to rent a Uhaul trailer so we can have our daughter comfortable the first night. Isn't that what we were avoiding when we went with PODS, the wear and tear of hauling a trailer, etc?

  • Ri
    Rich Tolleson Nov 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We had an identical experience with PODS. They stored our stuff in a different warehouse than the one close to our new house and instead of 1-2 days for delivery it has now turned to 7-10 days. We will be having thanksgiving in our new empty house with 3 small kids and my in-laws. OH JOY!

    Did I mention that my PODS are stored in a warehouse only 5 hours away.

    Oh yeah did I mention that my PODS where left in our driveway at our unoccupied old house for over a week because the driver thought he was picking up an empty POD. Thank goodness no one broke into the POD.

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  • Co
    Consu71 Mar 25, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    March 25, 2009

    Via Internet


    RE: Monroe, Christy (100728419)
    Complaint # 85689

    On 12/17/08, Herbert Leinberger, PODS, Inc., Incident Resolution Specialist presented Ms. Monroe an offer in the amount of $75.00 to resolve the matter at hand which she accepted. On 1/20/09, Ms. Monroe confirmed receipt. With receipt of this correspondence please consider this matter to be resolved.

    Thank you

    [email protected]

    (888) 776-7637 ext. 6303

    PODS Enterprises, Inc.

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damage to property

In Jan. 08 while delivering PODS units to my new home, the delivery truck broke through my septic tank lid...

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