PODSmisleading fees

I went online to obtain a quote for a pod for 3 months and while the rates seemed reasonable, $189 initial and then $139/month, I noticed they had a section for a promo discount code. When I put one in I didn't notice the rate change so I called. I started out by asking the rates and was given a quote $70 higher ($255 initial with $148/month) than the online rate with no promo code. When I explained this and asked for a Triple A code, I put that in and got yet another rate. The initial rate was lower, $170, but they jacked up the monthly price to $148. I was told by the very rude customer service rep the site is totally misleading and to not go by those rates. A ridiculous comment to make to a customer. When I kept questioning how the rates keep changing and that is unethical, I was told no it isn't the site is just misleading. This went back and forth and the rep kept getting ruder and more snippy with "comebacks" to legitimate questions. I also find it interesting that the site only allows you 10 trys for quotes before it shuts you out and forces you to call.

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