PNC Bank / misinformation

I called their customer service line on Sat. 11/22/08 to request a balance summary. At that time, I was informed that I had a positive side balance and they said nothing about anything pending at all. I made a small debt card purchase on Sunday (less than $5.00) and was hit with not one, but two NSF fund fees ! When I looked at my online statement on Wed 11/26/08 it showed the two NSF fees and a $80 balance. I contacted their CS and they agreed to refund the two NSF fees. When I checked on Thursday, they had refunded them but said there was a $69 charge that came thru and slapped me with another NSF Fee, even though there was $80 dollars in the account! I called their CS line, and they refused to refund this fee even though I have printed proof of the online statement from the previous day! I was also informed that they even charge you a $1.50 balance inquiry fee from a ATM! I tolf them that I was closing out this acct (it was a petty cash acct) and I would not be doing anymore business with tem. The CS rep acted like she did not care what I did. BEWARE OF THESE RIPOFFS!!!

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