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quezon city, Philippines

We applied for the Pldt Ultera service because it was offered to us so good. The sales representative that offered it said that the speed is fast, it was nice to hear that they are offering a fast connection and as well the representative mentioned that we have a cap limit of 1gb per day, so it was ok for us to use it and as well the technician who installed the service said that we will be having a 1gb/day cap and so we will be getting a 30gb/month limit but suddenly when we used the service we haven't used it for a month and we already consumed our allowance wherein it was clearly stated to us that we will be getting a 1gb/day allowance where it will stop if we reached 1gb and will refresh the next day, it was clearly a misinformation now we want a transfer of service from PLDT ULTERA going to PLDT myDSL so that we can have an unlimited service because in the first place we want an unlimited service because we are using it for a business and the offer of Ultera is slightly the same as unlimited if you are not a heavy user but we are using it for 24 hours. This is clearly giving a false information so we want to be compensated, we are not after the money it is the service that we want and we want a fast, reliable, unlimited service and not a service that if you reach your allowance you will load an additional allowance so that you can use it. It is too much.

Dec 12, 2015

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