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I have been with the site since 2007 and know all the admins and as a user never had any problems with them or the site as i love it.
Just over a week ago i was kindly made an admin, Given a few basic pointers and left to get on with it despite meant to get some form of admin training.There were clear offers of ask as many questins as you like but this wore thin very quickly.I made a few minor picture filter mistakes but the admins and the site boss Aicha Batlak were not concerned and she sent me an email stating this.
Things seemed to get frosty and i was given minimal contact after declining a drink fuelled skype video chat party from the senior admin Carromexpert/Rob Young and the other admins not long after i was made admin (i was too shy).
I lamented my minor failings via skype to the various admins bbadboy13/Wayne Poole, Nelly/Angela Burt and Missy/Melissa Brown, and Carromexpert/Rob Young completely cold shouldered and ignored me.
Id felt bad about he minor mistakes but all admins filter pictures by accident and still do now.Id failed to filter a picture of a minion showing its bottom with a rude cooment after id sought advice from one of the admins and he had said allow it and then another admin told me off for doing so.
I have never had any complaints while i was an admin nor as a long term paw user sonce 2007 and unlike many users never had multiple names or accounts to cheat or cause mischief.
I had also discovered that whilst seeming to be family orientated with no age limit to join the site or go into the chat rooms with adults, they are happily taking money from minors by letting them have a v.i.p paid account even though they state you have to be 18 to be a v.i.p.I have copied and pasted all the information in their admin forums about this and they are aware and not bothered that they have allowed children to pay for this, and continue to do so and knowingly avoid or block users if they ask about it in the chat rooms and query or challenge it.
48 hours ago i recieved an email from the Paw boss Aitcha Batlak happy with my being an admin (pasted email below)
31st march from paw boss,
Hi Jue : ) I am so happy that you are glad to be an admin on our team.Keep up the good's normal to make mistakes (even after many years)..we can only hope to learn from our mistakes and try to do/be better, No one is perfect : )
Then 24 hours later (lastnight)
10.23pm Hi Jue I am very sorry that no one has answered you, We have decided to take you off the admin team, because things didn't work out apparently..
Im a grown woman, kind to people and can accept if i was not good at the job, But there was nothing at all that i did wrong with regard to being an admin or a user.I was polite and friendly and funny and helpful to everyone and recieved many thanks for the help i gave, i did no more than the other admins with regard to minor errors or getting used to the role.
I have been singled out, ignored, and openly mocked in their chats rooms when they come in en masse and start making snide comments to each other about that they are admins knowing i am in the room and affected by what they are saying.I asked Carromexpert Rob Young why i was no longer admin on skype and he just ignored me as he has done for days and lastnight they were all boasting to a young adult user that they can do whatever they like on site.
I am not bitter about not being an admin, i am saddened about it as i really enjoyed looking out for people and helping and giving back to what id thought was a great company, But i am left hurt and at a loss of confidence by their treatment of me and still no clear reason from the paw boss as to my removal of admin other than the wording apparantly!.
I cannot comment or query the admin in chat or mail as they ignore me or will block and ban me.
If i shouted out and made enough fuss i may possibly get some fictional reason such as not working out with the other admins by being part of a team?!.
very tired and emotionally drained by the whole experience.

Apr 02, 2016
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  •   Apr 04, 2016

    To add further news to my complaint, I repeatedly emailed playand win and Aitcha Batlak for a form of contact so i could take my complaint further and she would not give it to me, She said it will not be going any further and that i should just accept and get over it, then finally came up with a reason for my dissmissal citing i had apparbtley copied and pasted private admin information in the main chat rooms and that it was a big no no.When i was made admin i was told what is discussed as admin stays private and i respected that.I had infact not copied and pasted anything, but had post it note on my laptop some written notes from the private admin forum that i could not remeber off by heart as lots of users were having game errors and not getting their quires answered, , and this was only information Aitcha had written for us to make known to news regarding news about golden eggs and game errors and java supported browser help..Despite my accounts i have eg one on the english site and one on their danish site having remained intact, coincidently the other night all my pictures had been removed from my account and all my user information, but i am sure this would put down as error or glitch if i challenged it, and when i was quietly in games minding my business i would suddenly find myself logged out.Yesterday i made the decision to leave the site as they have indirectly (covering their tails) made it very difficult for me to be there and i requested a deletion of mine and my sons account as he is 16 but autistic and does not deserve this kind of treatment and could be exposed to it.My adult daughter remains their but she can look out for herself.I joined in 2007 and as a near on decade long user expected a little better than this and am quite disgusted that they clearly like to be seen to be "a team" but have no regard for their users at all.Julie ...

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  •   Apr 05, 2016

    to add to the above i finally after many mails got a reply from aitcha batlak refusing and preventing me from going above her telling me it will NOT be going any further and citing that i had copy and pasted private admin info and thats why id been got rid off with no warning??? admin info is private and that is understandable, i had released no private info, id written some public info from the admin forum to a sticky not on my laptop so i wouldnt forget or miss inform them as i was new, to be told to users about site problems and golden eggs in a farming game.Aitcha as predicted stated i was miffed because i was not admin but it goes way beyond this.
    i proved their treatment of me was personal.I removed mine and my autistic sons accounts for good as i didnt want him exposed to it, I then changed my mind as some long term game friends rang and said make a stand, i created a new name and my sister in law who was visiting did too, i know these will be on the same i.p until she went home and i know they officially have a one username limit per person but not per household, i also know from them that there are many users with multiple names per person and their admin forums state they dont warm and arent bothered as long as a player doesnt cause a problem.
    I knew it was personal against me and proved this over a few hours, my sis in law was follow by the admin in rooms she went in that even as admin he almost never goes in, she was on the phone with a friend from the site and they they tested this by going in certain rooms and within minutes he came in and out and followed to the next room they went in.
    later yesterday eve i finally braved going in with my new name and it was clear i was me, sis in law almost instantly got a multile user name warning and they knew it wasnt me, they have users with tons of names and allow as long as they dont cause a problem but suddenly go by site rules and pick on my sister in law nd continue at myself.
    i summoned by pm carrom the admin and he ignored my requst, i didnt want a public chat argument i just wanted them to leave me alone, he ignored my request and his girlfriend nelly also admin came in and ignored my direct questions instead frosty polite quoting their site rules, carrom came in and things did get narky, i was annnoyed and uptight but not abuse, i requested please answer me properly and he quoted site again, i asked do i have to beg? and he banned me, he also banned my sis in law and another long term user who tried her best to defend me (bless her she was gutted) her name was xxfrommexx and she also had the name traceywales and was a good kind user, my sis in law had spoke to her during the day expressing my fears if i came back, and they did exactley what had been expected proving everything id alleged.The admin carrom shortly before banning my sis in law had the gall to suggest i was obsessed with him..
    Nobody seems interested in stopping them or looking into it properly and children are still buying vip for their accounts when they are minors...
    totally powerless and exhausted..

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  •   Apr 12, 2016

    To add further I today discovered they've not removed my account as requested and have now blocked my household I.p address until 2017

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  • Fg
      Apr 25, 2016

    Hey there, I have been in a similar situation to you on playandwin & I'm planning to go to the papers about it! If you would like to talk about it email me. I am also banned until 2017 & have had run in with Rob the [censored]ster!! :D xx

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  •   Apr 25, 2016
    Best Best Advice

    something needs to be done, im over it now, but still cant get over how it all came about and how i was treated.

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  •   Apr 26, 2016

    Grim I'm happy for my posts to be used and referred to if you need them, and happy to be contacted, tgc, Julie x

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  • Ai
      May 18, 2016

    It is now allowed to provide the names of our staff on this complaint.
    I don't care about the lies that Atwa32 is telling, however all the names should be deleted. NOW!

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  •   May 19, 2016

    It is only a lie if it is untrue and text shouting
    throwing ones weight around to get what you want only confirms opinions of ones site and attitudes towards people. I have your emails Aitcha and as were quoted word for word, and the admin forum screenshots of paw aware that minors buy vip and that they are not co corned not cancel and refund it. please leave me alone, my disabled adult daughter and disabled teen son and my sister in law have also fallen foul of you and your bullying admins, just because I refused to let you treat me like trash, other long term users who also never caused a problem for paw were banned for trying to "defend" me and your forums "screen shotted again" clearly condone and ban anyone who even tries to question or disagree with an admin. Kind regards, Julie.

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  •   May 22, 2016

    22nd may am, fggrimm is carromexpert expert from playandwin (petty), i thankfully have a new isp and ip address and can quietly play games on the site without harrasment and disturbance which i have done for weeks (currently enjoying farm empire 9.50am).

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  • Gl
      Jan 21, 2017

    @ATWA32 and atwa is still getting banned on psuedo names but she is still on there using an originl name from 2007 so is happy and able to game whilst the continue to stalk profiles and victimise her

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