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Plato's Closet / extremely peeved with plato's closet

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Plato's closet -
2020 e. Old lincoln highway
Langhorne, pa 19047

I dropped off 2 huge loads of clothing to the new langhorne, pa store 5 sept 2007 and was told i'd receive a call that night to come back in for my money and/or clothing they cannot sell. I never heard from them, so I called back 7 sept. I was told I was in the computer at that time, but they still needed to go through my clothing and I ought to hear back from them that night. I waited a week, never receiving any phone calls. I called back 16 sept. I was told i'm no longer in the computer, nor are my clothes in the back. They usually delete you out of the computer within a week and donate your clothing within 4 days.

I was pissed - could have taken the clothing to a real consignment place for some money, freecycled them, asked around if friends could have used any of it, or at least donated them for my own tax purposes. But now your crappy company gets my tax donation. How do I even know you didn't keep some of my clothing to sell?

I asked to speak to a manager. There was none available at that time, but one would call me that afternoon. Never received such a phone call.

17 september I added the langhorne store to the better business bureau's list. I also wrote a complaint letter to plato's closet and received an email in return from mary klapperich who told me they are individually owned and that my email would be forwarded onto the owner of the for an investigation. I also received an email from email user saying my email would be forwarded onto the field operations manager of the langhorne, pa store. These emails were received well over 2 weeks ago. Never heard back.

I also contacted the bucks co consumer protection agency about this. Rick from that office made a few phone calls. He phoned me back today to say he spoke both with the langhorne store and the corporate place. Both agree they are in the wrong and that my clothing is no longer in the store. They say they've also recently changed their policy because "things had been very hectic". However, plato's closet won't do a thing to better my situation. What surprises me is plato's closet won't even call or write to me to apologize, much less even offer me store credit.

The only thing I can do is post my story where ever and I also know anyone else who calls the consumer protection agency asking about plato's closet will be forewarned of my experience. Hopefully i'll help someone else before they waste time and money. Let it be known that I am posting my story on every website I can find. You ignored me and that's completely inappropriate. This is absolutely awful customer service!

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  • Da
      29th of Nov, 2007
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    I have been to the Langhorne Plato's Closet location when they first opened. I had a similar situation where my clothes were lost. I understood that they were very busy at that time due to their new found popularity in this area. They were extremely apologetic and offered me the cash they would have payed me for the lost clothing( along with "plato's bucks") I thought they handled my situation very professionally and were very helpful. I have recommended this store to everyone I know and they have been doing excellent business in our area.

  • Ju
      19th of Dec, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I do not care for platos closet at all. The cashiers are young and not very polite and i have had my share of crap from them too.

  • Br
      27th of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I just started hearing about Plato's Closet on the radio this week and thought this would be a great chance to get rid of a whole bunch of clothes I have. Most of my clothes are practically brand new and some still even have the tags left on them. I went through my closet and dresser yesterday and took a whole bag of clothes there today. Well my first complaint was the rudeness of the girl who went through my clothes, I think she must have been the manager or owner because the other girls were asking her if things were acceptable, I was not interested in buying anything from there I just wanted to sell my stuff so I was just standing by the counter to wait and she said to me "you can look around it's going to be like 15 mins". Then she just tossed my clothes around and barely looked at them took a couple things and put them in a basket then threw the rest of my stuff back in my bag. When they finally called me back over they told me "this is what we will take and we'll give you $10.00 for it". I looked at it they took 4 things and I said that's it? And the rude girl said "A lot of the stuff is old and out dated", there was a brand new never worn pair of lei jeans in there with the tags still on there and they said "lei isn't a popular brand". I just said whatever and took the $10.00. I wouldn't recommend this store to anyone and I won't go back myself.

  • Ja
      31st of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I think Plato's in Rotterdam, NY is a joke...I find clothing that is worn, torn, holes, and has a price tag on it. I brought used clothing there last week...out of all that I brought I got $10.00...the irony is this teen clothing was rarely used and a little over a year old...I find is appalling to go there and see mishandling of merchandise and pricing...a hole in a Hollister shirt...tagged $ 20% off...outrageous ...this shirt should have been given away of even sold for a $1.00...the sales personnel are rude and think they know it all...I find that a teen themselves knows about how old an item may be...I see things there that are OLD...wrinkled satin, worn and washed shirts, etc..and way over a year that show worn out and dirty and are out of style.
    It's time that this "joke" of teen clothing be known for what it is...I would like to know how the sales personnel are trained...and why and older person is not in charge...wisdom is knowledge...knowledge is learned and not judged...
    Overworn, overused, overpriced...that's my impression of Plato's Closet...

  • De
      3rd of Aug, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I too have had it with Pato's Closet. I googled to find a email addy to complain and cam across this site so I am not surprised at the complaints at all. I will make my complaint after i make my comment here but it sems it won't do any good as i have read here that it doesn't.

    My complaint is that the Plato's Closet at Rivergate Mall area in Goodlettesville Tn has some serious issues and do discriminates and makes up there rules as they go along. I have bought from there store and then 6 months later with some jeans that my 13 yr old wore only once along with a bag of clothes from Old Navy, Abercrombi, American Eagle and such they wouldn't take because they said it wasnt the season for them. What?!!! Give me a break and they wouldnt even take the pants back I bough 6 months earlier, they said they had gone out of style. OK listen up ...People that want to buy cheap dont care whats on the back pocket. And everytime I have brought in very exspensive good hardly worn clothes from places i have mentioned they turn me down everytime. Are they not ghetto enough for that area or what?
    My last complaint is that just 2 days ago on the Tax Free weekend my daughter bagged up some very nice clothes, and again from the same stores i have mentioned, and we walked in and they said they werent taking any clothes on that weekend. What??? again i say. The girl at the counter said they were way to busy. Yea they had 2 customers in there. Sounds like some lazy heffers if you ask me. I was mad and told them that was the last time I would ever walk into that store or any Pato's Closet again. I was mad. Not once out of 4 different times from the past 3 years would they take any of my cloes. They use excuses of ...its not the season for them ( to which my daughter never buys long sleaves or sweaters anyway) So you could wear these pullovers anytime with the words American Eagle or Abercrombi etc..., or that they arent good enough. Good enough? What exspensive clothes that I paind $59.00 for isnt good enough... I just think they arent ghetto enough for this 1 store. I have had it with them and they will never get my business again. EVER!!! Now i am off to complain to some corp. office cause this is not right. I want people to know what kind of farce this place is.

  • An
      4th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    im a friend of a former employee at the platos closet in langhorne. the owner tells all the employees to pay customers less then what they rightfully should be getting for they clothes and sometimes takes some of the things with out paying for them at all. DONATIONS?! i think not, she puts your "donations" back in the store and chucks the stuff not suitable enough. someone needs to do something about these injustices, this must be illegal. I know there are more of you out there who have experienced the hell that is plato's closet. and in case anyone is interested... i personally shop and sell at the plato's closet in deptford nj, it is not too far from the one in langhorne, shut this place down!!!

  • An
      30th of Sep, 2008
    +3 Votes

    I've read all these comments and yes, being rude and ignoring customers is NEVER right no matter what the circumstance. I work at a Plato's Closet and I love the job but it is hard to tell people you can't take their clothes sometimes because the customer is not trained like we are to recognize newer and older styles. We get paid to do this, it is our job. This makes us no better than anyone else it is just what we do for money.

    Plato's Closet is not a Goodwill, it is a business. Our clothes are priced much higher than they are at a normal thrift or consignment store because we go through them and find items that we know will sell. The people who buy our items are teenagers so that is our target market. When we stop taking a certain item or style it is because we have discovered that particular style does not sell well for us. We are a business and cater to the demand of our customers. This is not discrimination, but a business strategy.

    When we take an item, we price it for about 70% less than it sold in retail AND OF OUR PRICE we offer 30-40%. Yes, you paid much more than we offered for your clothing, but you have to remember; in most cases, the clothing is now used and most things that you try to resell lose at least half their value when no longer new. Another thing is that we have to sell the clothing and make a profit. If you look around the store you will probably find an American Eagle shirt priced at $7 that probably originally sold for around $40. This is how we keep our prices so low. Sometimes it may be better to donate the clothing to people who need it more than you do and thats fine. But this is how we operate.

    Like I said, everyone's situation is unique. I have worked with employees who are very rude to customers and that is never right. I am a firm believer that customer service is always priority number one. I can only speak for my store but we try our best to politely explain to people why we cannot accept their items. It is this kind of communication with the customer that helps all around. I just want people to understand our process a little more.

    And on a personal note, yeah, we're young. That has nothing to do with anything you know it. And if you are going to donate clothes, do it because there are people out there who need it, not for an insignificant tax break. Plato's receives no tax break from the clothing they donate and this is a fact.

  • Ma
      2nd of Dec, 2016
    0 Votes

    @Anonymous See what customers go through staff like you!! Number 1 reason why platos is so poorly swamped with bad feedbacks!! Smh

  • Ra
      15th of Oct, 2008
    -3 Votes

    Id like to say that i was completely embarrassed when i was followed around by employees and customer served out the ### by the PLANO LOCATE manager LIZ. She accused me of shop lifting in her 2nd hand clothing store. She decided to speak to me like i was a child. I am 21 years old and i work as a dental assistant around plano, i was shocked she told me in front of the store that i had to options and that was to get out or shed call the cops. I should liz my purse which had my jacket and bathing suit in and told her i did nothing wrong this is a misunderstanding but she didnt want to hear at all what i had to say. Instead she told me that i had to leave ANYWAYS and that i couldnt purchase that the clothes i wanted and by state law and could do that she repeated and repeated. Until i told her i wasnt leaving with out these clothes i was buying and that i wanted her name and the corporate office number. Well obviously that doesnt exist because she told me i would just have to go online to platos and write and email. well i dont want to write an EMAIL LIZ id rather just tell the public what a horriable job you ve done with one of your best customers. She can look at my stamped 20 percent off card i ve shopped there more then 50 times and its pathetic that she did recognize me. Great manager.

  • Bo
      25th of Oct, 2008
    +3 Votes

    lol seriously people get over yourselves. lol @ a shop lifter admitting she was caught shoplifting and sitting here trying to complain. I mean honestly.. shop lifting at what is basically a shop lifting store? for shame.

    i give prop's to the "anon" explaining how it all works. I don't really understand why people are blamining plato's closet for not buying there stuff. If it was good, they would buy it. Thats how business works.

  • Ja
      1st of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    Plato's Closet is a young adult & teen clothing store where we take gently used clothing. Many of you have made complaints that a lot of your clothes still have tags on them and have never been worn and were "rejected." I am a trained buyer and we know where and what to look for. For example, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Gap are a few of the name brands that date their clothes. Again, we are a young adult & teen clothing store! When you see a minor stain/hole on a clothing item, we as buyers KNOW that they are there and make certain exceptions to buy them and resell them because it sells! Buyers are paid to go to the mall to look at the styles that are in fashion--that's how we know what's hot and what's not.
    If you are not satisfied with what we offer you, then you are more than welcomed to take your clothes back. Don't expect to get back 100%. If you wanted your full money's worth, then you should've thought about returning your clothes back from where you got it from. So, you've had bad customer service at the location that you've been shopping at doesn't mean you should bash the corporate franchise. Plato's Closet already offers a great price in clothing & accessories. If you're satisfied with the way our economy is where the prices on everything is jacked up and taxed the crap out of, then be my guest and pay for the retail price. Plato's Closet exists for a reason--we offer cash on the spot and great prices on name brand clothing.
    Customer service is MY #1 priority. I'm not God and I can't fix all the wrongs that were done. But, I represent Plato's Closet.

  • Kk
      13th of Feb, 2009
    -2 Votes

    I actually just visited a Plato's closet today and i left with both positive and negetive feelings. Here is the good news: Plato's closet is a great place for the "buyer". You can find great clothes, shoes and accessories for a wonderful price. In fact, their prices are more than fair! Also, they have a wide selection of jeans in great condition and who doesn't need jeans?? and if your headed out for the evening, Plato's closet is the perfect place to find those last minute accessories, a good pair of shoes and a cute purse can go along way and for only $4 avg for a purse and $10 avg for shoes, well I wouldn't call that "shop lifting" but its definitely a steal.
    I, however, am 26 years old so most of the clothes are a bit young for me but if i knew about Plato's Closet when i was younger, I would have definetly taken advantage of the nice selection of jeans, hand bags, shoes and scarfs.
    On the downside, I did walk in hoping to be able to sell some clothes that i had lieing around the house that probably were only used 3 or 4 times ever. Some, I admit were older and outdated. But some were not. All of them were in great condition and as an Interior Designer, I know what sells and I'm very observant as to what is in "style". I knew some things would be a hit, and others would not but i was willing to see what they were worth.
    Before I even mentioned anything about selling clothes, I wanted to check things out so I walked in with a smile and said hello. The store manager said hi in a very nonchalant way and walked away. I was already turned off. Needless to say, I stayed and walked around looking at the clothes and price tags. I tried to get the attention of the manager but i ended up following her down four isles till i could get her attention. I kindly asked if I was able to bring some clothes in. She seemed unconcerned but asked how many bags i had. I responded that i had things pressed and on hangers. She said they didn't take hangers. I offered to come back but she said it was ok to bring the clothes in.
    Just as the comment says above, they told me to look around while they shuffled through 'my' clothes. Another turn off and i'll tell you why: I had never been here before which i had nicely told them the minute i inquired about bringing clothes in. I imagined someone would have explained the process a bit and made me feel comfortable. I did not expect to meet people who were quite unconcerend about talking to their customers or greeting them in an inviting way. you see, in addition to being a designer, I've worked in customer service for 10years now, my family owns a business. I don't neccessarliy believe that terrible customer service has anything to do with the youth but i do believe it has to do with people that don't care nor take pride in their stores. or perhaps they are aggravated with customers that don't know how to sell their clothes, perhaps this should be on their website instead of "no appointments neccessary". A brief explaination of what sells and why and how their system prices clothing.
    In the end, they offered me $17 for two beautiful shirts (Arden B 2007), a pair of pin striped slacks (No Brand Name), and two pairs of jeans (Hollister 2006). I was unimpressed and a bit surprised. I had so many other jeans and shoes... I told her I was not really interested in the price and asked if she could explain maybe why the shoes (never worn Bandoline) weren't excepted. It didn't look like she even looked at them... SHe said they weren't buying shoes now. I gathered up my clothes that were stuffed into baskets and all the hangers, said thank you and left.
    I was ok with them not taking my clothes, I understand how their system works now but I'm not ok with the lack of ethusiasm from the mangers. I was unimpressed with their service. and I find it wierd that I couldn't be apart of them shuffling through my clothes. It seemed as if something secret was going on and it felt strange. I won't go back to sell anything but i might pop in if I need a good accessory.
    Lastly, in responce to the store managers being young. Age is only a number, their are young young people and mature young people. You can tell by some of their responces above who is mature or not. Most mature people would not respond to such nonsence that some people right. If you do a good job then let it be, if your company needs to do more to explain their business then bring it up at a business meeting, not online. ...just a few suggestions.

  • Ta
      16th of Feb, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Well, I am certainly glad I found this site. I have read all the comments and want all of you to know that because of these comments I will NEVER take my daughters there! My 14 year old collected some of her jeans from Hollister, Juicy Couture, and Abercrombie that she "is sick of" and wanted to bring it to Plato's Closet in Langhorne, PA. I was all set to take her there today, but I thought I better check the website first to see what the policies are. Then I figured while I was at it, I should see what the experiences of other people were. I really don't need the aggravation for just a few bucks. It will probably cost me more just to drive there than what they would give me anyway, if they liked anything. I have a friend who recommended it to me, she said the prices are great. But since my girls are expecting to make a few bucks, which probably will not happen or just be disappointing I would most likely spend more getting them stuff just to cheer them up. And to think, I almost ruined a perfectly good day!! Thank you to all of you who took the time to write your comments! It did not go unnoticed, at least by one consumer!

  • Mi
      11th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    All of these comments are about the LANGHORNE PLATO"S CLOSET. They are all individually owned and operated. The first store, and the largest in the area is in DEPTFORD NJ near the Deptford Mall. They are very strict on what they can buy, but you will always get tremendous customer service from their manager and owner. I would advise anyone and everyone on this board to bring your clothes to Deptford. They will go through your clothes in a timely manner and will be honest about what they can and cannot buy, and will never be rude about it. They are in the process of an expansion and will be almost 7000 sq feet so they will be in a position to buy more of your items. If you ever have an issue the manager Michaelann can help you and the Deptford owner will not allow poor customer service. It is worth the trip.

  • Ch
      24th of Mar, 2009
    -2 Votes

    i am writing about platos in tuscaloosa alabama they are racist i am a black person and just because i asked them why they pay some people more for e more worn items of the same names i was thrown out of the store and also i was told that they do not take a certain brand i bought in with the tags still on i was then but behind a white customer and then told just wait they can break because they have less items they gave the girl $8.00 a pair for the same jeans and laughed about and the owner brenda has camers on and sees all ofthis and thinks it all is just funny

  • Ar
      29th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I could not agree more with everyone elses compliants. Plato's closet is a FREAKIN JOKE. On two seperate occassions at two stores, one in Springfield, Ma and one in Rotterdam, NY I have encoutered rude staff with no idea what true style is. As a way to prove my point I had a bunch of clothes I bought TWO months ago from big name stores like, Aeropostale, JCrew, Macys, Limited, Gap, Guess and Coach. Out of 40 items I brought into Platos closet only two of them were ever worn. These are clothes that were bought for hundreds of dollars. In a way to prove my point I took the tags off the clothes. When I brought the clothes to the Rotterdam store the person who greeted me was rude, and snippy. I left me clothes with her and over an hour later she decided to give me my total. While she had been deciding whether my clothes were "worth" anything I took a browse around the store. I found dresses with stains, shirts that had been washed so many times they were dull and tattered. Their prices were no bargain with shirts marked 8.00, which I had seen at Wal-mart for $5. This place is a joke!!!

    She stated that she would give me $25.15 for 10 items. I was in shock!! I asked her why the other clothes were not accepted and she stated they had "Excessive Wear" and were larger sizes than they wanted. Ok, first of all the clothes were BRAND NEW! Excessive wear huh? yea. Second so now Platos closet discriminates on size? the size on the clothes was LARGE! So apparently they dont like larger girls. She asked if I wanted to donate the rest of my clothes, to which I laughed. I took my bag and as I did she was like you had a lot of cute clothes, and really nice name brands. I was soooooo angry at this point I couldnt say anything to her. No crap I had nice clothes, they were styles that are seen in Cosmo and other top magazines. When I asked further questions the sales woman stated she was busy and could not answer my questions and stated "Its policy".

    Oh so its policy for you to sell trashy clothes that are overpriced and look like crap! Oh ok, thanks well I know where I will send people who are looking for rude people and trashy clothes. People would be better off at Salvation Army.

  • Dc
      1st of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    its a business not the government to hand out money, get a job and earn more so you dont have to shop at one

  • Pl
      11th of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I just went to one in the seattle area. They denied me and said most my stuff has buttons. WTF I have 3 banana republic shirts button up, 2 banana republic t shorts, one lacoste polo, expensive jacket from macys, 2 american rag shirts from macys, and one armani exchange shirt. I didnt see anything nice in the store just trash alot 0f all dingie t shirts worn out at best maybe a abercrombie shirts which were a fad in the 90s not now. They didnt have any top brands there. My stuff was barely worn and better than what they had there. If you goto one I suggest to go to one in a more high end nice area like bellevue not somewhere that has white trash working that looks like she doesnt even shop at the mall.

  • Oh
      14th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I HATE THIS DAMN STORE. Do Not go to that piece of trash Plato's Closet store in Florence Ky THEY SUCK! Rude service, and idiot employees, not even worth it..Run as far away from that pathetic store as possible. I'm complaining to the corporate office because Platoe's Closet is trash.

  • Si
      14th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I took a box of clothing to Platos Closet on Lincoln Highway in Langhone Pa on Wednesday, May 13th. I was told that they were too busy to go through the box and asked if I would leave it and return the next day, my name and number was taken and written on the box. I returned today Thursday, May 14th as agreed to be told that yes, they remember me and the big box I brought in but... they could not locate it. At that point I was asked if I wanted to go in the backroom and look for my things. What was so blatant, an actual crime is that I did not find a box but a bag with some of the shirts that were in the box, 16 pair of pants and 3 shirts were missing.

    I asked where the pants were and why were my shirts and pants seperated, I was advised "that is the risk you take when you leave things overnight" even though thats what I was instructed to do. I was offered a $5.00 credit as compansation to which I declined and left with my shirts. The staff was very rude and treated me like I were a criminal even though my items were stolen. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau, our local paper The Bucks County Corrier Times .

  • Pl
      18th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I went to the Langhorne Plato's Closet and drove over an hour to get there. Right when I walked in the store (with a bag of really nice things) the gay guy working there said "We're not buying any clothes today sorry, you should always call before you come in". ###!

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