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Member for about 2 years now My sister & I went to workout on 5/6/17 at about 10AM My PF card fell off my keychain so I tell the PF employee/trainer twice that I don't have a card & she's just standing looking at me w/no response so I asked could she look me up I gave her my name & the 1st thing out her mouth is your credit card is expired & has been for awhile in front of everyone which totally caught me off guard bcz I know a payment comes out every month but now I'm 2nd guessing myself thinking I didn't update my info so I say I did get a new bank card & she's just standing there looking at me expressionless along w/everyone else listening to the conversation but then I thought about it & I was like wait a minute a payment is coming out every month some kind of way so I don't understand what your saying so at this point she looks back at the comp & says oh I see you have it set up to come out your bank account...See Top 10 Worst Companies in Menomonee Falls, WISo now I'm agitated bcz she should have checked everything before blurting out info that wasnt correct while everyone is standing there listening but now she's standing there looking embarrassed since she was wrong but instead of just apologizing she stands there & says well you might want to add another credit card as a back up insinuating that I need a back up like it's a problem with the way my acct is set up now so I looked at her & asked who does that ? & why would I do that? She just stands there & looks at me with no response so I just turned & walked away bcz by that time I was pissed & felt humiliated embarrased & disrespected I have been a member going on 2 years now & never have I ONCE missed a payment also I am not just a member I am a LOYAL member I haven't been to PF in months but I keep making my payments bcz I really like PF & I think it's one of the best gyms around so I keep paying until Im ready to go back back but this is the type of incident that makes me want to find a new gym..I was so upset I ended up turning around & leaving out but by the time I got to my car I decided I was there to work on me so Im not going to let her ruin my day so I went back, so when I come back in I walk up to another employee behind the counter to request a card so I wont have that problem again I can just swipe & keep it moving, so she says ma'am your only allowed to have one card at a time Now I was already upset so I just looked at her & said I DO NOT HAVE A CARD THAT IS WHY IM REQUESTING A NEW ONE! Instead of getting all the info she's standing there assuming Im trying to have 2 cards at once for whatever reason! so she's hands me the card & I end up working out but those 2 employees made me feel unwelcomed & I definitely did not feel like I was in a judgement free zone!

May 07, 2017
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  • Ca
      May 07, 2017

    They both put their foot in their mouths. Speak to the manager if you feel that strongly but don't let them run you off. It's a minimum wage job, chances are they won't be around long.

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