Planet FitnessI had an issue with an employee.. short spanish guy with a gucci hat and no name tag at or around 230 pm on thursday feb 2 2017

At planet fitness somerset I had an issue. After being in the gym for 2 hours I left. Within 3 minutes I came back in because I forgot to fill my water bottle as I sometimes do. So I walked right in and straight to the water fountain. Now I just walked passed this guy 3 minutes ago as I was leaving. While walking to the fountain he says I have to swipe in. I said you just saw me walk out. He hunts me down close to the fountain getting loud and saying I have to swipe everytime. I said I was just getting water and he proceeded to make a scene and try to get loud. Ive forgotten my water plenty of times and never had this issue. He was very unprofessional. Ive been going to this gym for about 3 years now and never had an issue. My contacy number is [protected] trevor brooks

Feb 02, 2017

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