Planet Fitnessbreach of contract, bad attitude, poor service

I joined feminique fairmount months before it even opened under the promise that the gym would remain open untill 9:00 pm every night. I am an extremely busy doctor and I don't get the opportunity to get to gym earlier on in the evening. Furhermore, my daughters who fall under the family contract I took out, also lead very busy schedules. Thereore, the fact that the gym was open till 9:00 appealed to all of us.However, the gym now closes at 8:00 pm.This means that we all rarely get to the gym.Had I been aware of this when our contract was taken out, I definitly would not have spent so much money taking out a contract which I do not ever get a chance to use.I sent an email to the manager on 4 Setember 2009 outlying my problem. I still have not got a response. Does this constitue profesionall behaviour?Not that there is anything very professional about the gym - There are regularly gym machines, equipment, aircons that are out of order and take several weeks to reapair.Gym classes are cancelled at short notice.Staff are unhelpful.The gym has been a huge disapointment since I joined.I expect the gym hours to be expected or my contract to be cancelled.


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