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Pitney Bowes / dishonest company, hidden charges and fees

1 Buffalo, IL, United States

Do not do business with this company!
Pitney Bowes is the most dishonest and disreputable company I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with in the 15 years we have been in business. The postage machine is obsolete for our business in this day and age, but we got locked into a 5 year lease and I still am not sure how they did it. They presented us with an undated lease form and insisted our lease was renewed for 5 years. Early termination fees for the lease were higher than the cost of the lease. A few years ago we put the meter on a shelf and continued to pay the lease until it was completed. They tried every way to trick us into signing up for another 5 years. One of the things they did was to send an official looking invoice, and on closer inspection the fine print read “payment of this invoice is your agreement to another 5 year lease”. An unsuspecting accounts payable clerk may very well just put this in for payment and inadvertently tie the company into another 5 year lease!
Customer service representatives only regurgitate back a rehearsed script and do nothing to actually help the customer or foster any kind of confidence that Pitney Bowes is in anyway interested in satisfied customers.
When our lease finally ended it did not get any better. They want you to hold onto the equipment until the bitter end, while they try multiple tactics to get you to resign a lease. I finally convinced them to send me the box for returning the meter, and lo and behold an invoice arrived for $100 for “Equipment Return Charges”. A look back on our original contract had no indication that we would incur this charge. A call to Pitney Bowes resulted in the usual script reading, where the agent admitted there was no amount listed for returned equipment charges on the contract, but that was the cost of shipping the unit UPS from Buffalo to Tennessee.
We decided to pay what amounts to an extortion charge just to be rid of this parasite of a company. With that I decided to do everything in my power to warn friends, neighbors, business contacts, and everyone else away from this awful company. Please heed my warning and DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY.

Jun 10, 2015

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