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Back in September, I opted to upgrade my 3mbps myDSL account to a 20mbps Fibr account. It took two weeks before the linemen came to upgrade my connection. To my surprise, they said the work order was only for 3mbps fiber. I'm not stupid. I specifically inked down on that application form at the PLDT office to upgrade to 20mbps Fibr.

So they they tell me to call 171 support to get it fixed. So I call and the agent on the line says they created a work order and that this should be upgraded after 24 - 48 hours. After 3 days, the line still hasn't been upgraded. I call back to figure out what's going on. As expected, the current agent says that the previous agent somehow got the report wrong so she has to file my request AGAIN. This time she tells me to wait for 5 days.

6 days later, which is today. I still don't have that 20mbps plan. So I just got off the phone with the support agent. They tell me it still hasn't been put through and they'll make sure to expedite this. I'm trying to be civil at this point but please understand I [censored]ing use this internet connection for work. I work at home and this upgrade is what I need badly to work efficiently. I need to download and upload stuff for work and because of PLDT's incompetence for my slow download speed and because of the mistake of the job order, this is causing me headaches and lost time and money. I have to keep apologizing to my client. This is unacceptable and it's not only costing me money, but also my sanity.

At this point, I'm not to optimistic because the agent told me to wait YET AGAIN for another 6-7 days. If there is someone there at PLDT with at least the decency of a moral and upright human being, at least tell me that you are experiencing retarded issues on your end so that you don't keep me waiting and hoping that I can get my work done soon.

I'm stuck with PLDT since my area has no other ISPs. No Converge, No Globe.

So, another 6-7 days of hell waiting. Meanwhile my client is getting fed up that he's starting to look for other people to work with...

Good [censored]ing job PLDT.

Oct 23, 2018

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