Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT]sales agent did not disclose related fees

Last December, we received a tablet from PLDT. According to my sister who received the called from their sales agent, Dave, our account was chosen and we will receive a tablet. My sister asked about fees, and Dave said we will not spend an amount. My sister told him that the account holder is not around. He said we will need to present a copy of the account holder's ID when claiming the tab.

My account got restricted and I found out today that the tab is an add on.

The person who received the tab did not present any ID.
PLDT did not ask for any letter of authorization.
They did not even talk to the account holder or the one who pays the bill.
I did not sign anything.

This happened after I repeatedly asked to be placed in Do Not Call list.

I am wondering how can they just send a tablet to a subscriber without talking to the authorized person on the account and why they employ sales reps who mislead subscribers.

They said they will "investigate the issue" and will get back to me in 24-48 hours. In the meantime, I have to pay for my service to be reinstated because I need it for work.

To anyone planning to have PLDT, the reps cannot be trusted, the connection is slow, and the customer service mostly is a pain. Better go with some other providers.

Jan 16, 2017

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