[Resolved] Philippine Airlines / the manager luis torrente

London Heathrow Terminal 3, GB

We were booked flight PR721 on the 19th of November London to Manila. I got carsick on the way to the airport. While we were checking the luggages in (5 passengers) I was still feeling dizzy. A member of staff very kindly asked me what the problem was and I told her I was just feeling dizzy and sick but I just need to vomit to feel better. She accompanied me to the toilet and I vomitted. I felt a bit better after that but obviously not fully but I was sure that a bit more rest will make me feel well. So the staff told me to sit again while waiting for my family. Then this guy came and told my family that I cannot fly because I was sick!

I got up and asked why I am being held and he said because he saw me sick. I asked for a manager and he said he is the manager! I told him to call a doctor to assess me and he said there was no doctor on site, that he only spoke to the doctor over the phone. And I said why didn't he let me speak to the doctor at least on the phone and he said I wasn't allowed to! So how was I medically assessed by just his words?

He said that I have to stay, go home and go to my GP and ask for a medical certificate and then come back to be rebooked. He wouldn't even offer a hotel! It takes an hour for me to get to the airport. I begged and told him that I was feeling better but he just said no stonefaced!

It was a lot of stress and humiliation because even though I was trying to calm myself, it was very frustrating as Luis Torrente would never listen to my plea and people were looking at us but luckily other passengers understood my predicament that even a nurse and another passenger butted in.

In the end when I was able to contact my doctor who agreed to email Torrente (as per instruction) to confirm that I do not have an underlying medical condition and perfectly fit to fly, finally I was given the all clear but because it was boarding time in 20 minutes, we all had to run to catch it.

I booked this flight 6 months in advanced but Torrente just ruined the first part of it. I think this manager needs to be trained as he is not capable of dealing with customers/problems properly.

Nov 27, 2016

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