Philippine Airlines / quality of service prior to and whilst on board flight

I arrived at the Heathrow airport to check in for my flight, PR721 to Manila on Saturday 25th November. When checking in the lady at the check in desk advised my ticket stated a return date of 10th February. This was incorrect, I had booked to return on 10th December, and my receipt showed this. The lady would not check me in for the flight until I had resolved this issue (despite it not being my fault and in no way caused by me), And told me to go over to the ticketing desk to resolve it. There was no one working on the ticketing desk, And so I waited for 20minutes. When someone eventually became available to help, After discussing the issue she eventually said she could not help me as I had booked through a travel agent, And that I needed to contact them to resolve this. So after incorrectly being sent to the ticketing desk, over 35 minutes later i went back to the check in desk to be checked in for the flight. I requested an aisle seat as I have to frequently go to the bathroom on long haul flights, however the lady said there were none left. When I boarded the flight, I found there were in fact lots of spare aisle seats on the flight, And I had been misinformed.
I sat in my seat to find the screen not working. After I complained about this, the flight attendant moved me to a new seat - one of the many spare aisle seats luckily, which fortunately had a working screen. However, half way through watching a film the screen suddenly decided to reboot itself. I called a crew member over to ask what was happening, and she did not seem to know, with no apology she simply said 'ill reset the screen, or you can move to another seat'. After already being moved once and with all the problems checking in to the flight, this was not acceptable. This has created a very stressful beginning to my holiday, And I would like to know what you plan to do to ensure I do not face similar problems during my return flight with you

Nov 26, 2017

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