Philippine Airlinesirrelevant documents

January 13, 2016 Tuesday.

My sister and my dad have to travel 3-4 hours road trip to get my bloody ticket where in fact theres a away office only 5 mins and i gave my sister my passport as its the only document that they would need to get the ticket like i always had with previous purchase but unfortunately they were asking more than that asking for a resident card which I DO NOT HAVE and when i gave them the only paper that the australian department of immigration they came back to my sister as its not good and we cannot issue the ticket?! WHAT THE FCUK?! i have been travelling in and out since 2013 with the same visa and passport WITHOUT NO PROBLEMS! they should only be issuing tickets nothing like this! spend more money on calls and text just to clear everything but still no good.

Jan 13, 2015

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