Philippine Airlinesdelayed flight

B Jul 21, 2014

I'm Benigno Saus and I was one of the unlucky passenger on PAL flight PR 105 from San Francisco bound to Manila. This was June 18. The flight was supposed to depart at 10:30 pm . Every body was ready for boarding and they called for all passengers on wheelchairs to board. But the flight got delayed due to mechanical issues. The 1st announcement was delayed by 2 hours which will be 12:30 am and then 2nd announcement was 4:30 am, and then they finally they announced that the flight will be canceled ti'l the next day at 1 PM. During this waiting time they only gave the passengers soda and biscuit for snacks. They did not even attend to the passengers on board that are on wheelchairs. Stating that " They are not asking for anything." The service was really poor. They don't have any counter measure for that type of problem. They charged all passengers with a ticket price of $1600 for that flight and that's the treatment they got. They did not even arrange hotels for the passenger to stay during the night. Most of us came for away stayed on the airport awake, no place to rest. They gave us food voucher. We just bare with it because we have no choice at that time. But the treatment we got was really substandard. When we got home they gave us a flight voucher worth $200 only to be used for plane tickets and expires on July 2015. This was given to those poor passengers at the time of arrival which they are all exhausted from travel with jet lags. Not mentally stable to complain. I still have my voucher today. This is the last time I'm flying PAL. That's why the voucher is no used to me.

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