Philippine Airlines / bad customer service regarding loss of baggage

Pasay City, Manila, Philippines Review updated:
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About 0400 Wednesday 16 December 2015 I arrived at Manila, Terminal 2 Arrivals Hall, having travelled on flight PR 219 from Auckland. After about an hour it was obvious a problem had occurred as no luggage had arrived. I spoke to a white shifted man, who wore a badge and carried a radio, he advised the flight had arrived without baggage and he had no idea why. As it would be some time before offices opened and an enquiry made, he suggested that all affected passengers (more than 100 within my view) submit proformas, which other staff then handed out. Once all relevant details were added, these proformas were submitted to the staff and passengers were assured they would be advised quickly (a) where the luggage was and (b) when it would be returned to us. Four days have elapsed, we have no change of clothing, no personal effects and in my case no important medicines (some of which is not available in the Philippines). Phone calls and texts to a bewildering variety of telephone numbers have yielded rare responses and absolutely no useful information. Carefully worded e-mails to the correct addresses have been refused by Philippine Airlines - ostensibly because those mail boxes are full. As an exercise in competent customer relations - this experience is a dismal failure.

Dec 19, 2015