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Bristol Virginia, United States

I have spent several hundred dollars on fish equipment such as fish, tank, decor, food, etc. my son wanted the new glo fish so I took him to pet smart to pick out 4 glo fish along with a algae eater. I asked the sales associate all kinds of info about how to care for the fish as I have never had glo fish before. The sales associate at pet smart in Bristol VA was answering all my questions or so I thought so. All the fish died as the sales associate have me the completely wrong info on the glo fish. She didn't bother telling me everything I needed to keep my fish alive. I took the dead fish back I was told in a very rude manner that since it has been 14 days since purchase of the fish that they couldn't help even with my proof of purchase and me explaining that the other lady gave me all the wrong info on the fish which in result killed them. The way I see it is I deserve a refund or replacement of fish due to simple fact that pet smart should NEVER put a sales associate in a task that they know nothing about. The customer service is obviously no help and demanding to speak to a supervisor is apparently un-heard of and still a week later waiting on a response from a supervisor. All they seem to want is profit instead of your animals health and lives

Jan 25, 2017

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