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I used to work at Petsmart but quit because of how rude and # the manager was there. She would boss around all of the other groomers and bathers and give nasty looks or make remarks when things weren't goin her way. She thought she was so much better then the rest of us but look around you honey you have no friends and every one talks about you in the store behind your back they're just afraid to say it to your face. It was a BS job and I'm so glad a quit so I'd never have to see her again. And she acted like she was "all about policy and procedure in front of cliets and mangers", but when the ppl in the salon were just there, it was all put to waste! Bernadette you treat everyone like hell and you know it!!!
* Never take your dog to her she is the worst

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  • Am
      Apr 15, 2010

    apparently you didn't have the guts to tell her to her face either??... considering youre posting this online.

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  • 70
      Apr 25, 2010

    this is great. A employee that was probably fired because she cannot follow directions and was insubordinate. I love the employees that hate being told what to do. They come in thinking they know all and whats best for everyone and whats best for business. This employee could have went to the GM or even called the HOT line. Another thing is when your at work, your their to work, not make friends. You don't know anything about her personal life and if you do my mistake.

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  • Gr
      Dec 21, 2010

    I am a groomer and in my expirence there is no reason for what is happening to these dogs... do not go to petco i have heard way too many horror stories about there groomers.. always talk with ur groomer before leaving them these are your babies and u deserve to know that they will be safe when u are not there

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