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Petsmart Petshotel / kennel cough

1 East Hanover, NJ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 973-599-1320

I was taking my dog to PetsMart PetHotel in East Hanover, NJ and my dog was vaccinated with Bortadella four months prior. During one of their many kennel cough outbreaks, with the vaccination four months prior, he got kennel cough. The staff did not tell me of the outbreak or warn me and there have been several outbreaks since. Then when I tried to make appt recently, they informed me he needed another shot, becuase it was 7 months since his last. I have spoken to several vets who think the 6 month vaccination is too much and will not do it. I told them I would provide a note from my vet and they told me no. They also acknowledged that there are no guarentees with the shot (which is obvious since my dog was vaccinated and contracted kennel cough in their East Hanover, NJ store).

My conclusion is they don't care about the health of the dogs (willing to over vaccinate against the advice of our vets) and they continue to have outbreaks of kennel cough even with their strict policy. They need obviously change their managment of the facility - more circulation, watch for signs of outbreaks, warn customers when they do have an outbreak, etc. I would say to anyone considering this PetsMart PetHotel in East Hanover, NJ to think twice. They have a strict policy that does not work and an environment full of sick dogs, which will just cost you more in vets bills and be a a huge nuisance and risk to your dogs health.

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  • Ha
      10th of Aug, 2008
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    Vets will fight Petsmarts 6 month policy to death for no reason. Many studies have been done that it has to effect on the dog, and for the average dogs life span, the immunity to the shot doesn't dimminish. If you actually understood the sheer amount of dogs the facility holds every day, you'd understand why the shot is needed so frequently. Imagine what would have happened to your dog if he only had the shot once a year. The infection he got could have been much worse then just a common cold for dogs (which is exactly what kennel cough is). A matter of fact, New Jersey is one of the few states that still doesn't require vets to give that specific shot every 6 months, but this is also in the process of change. I challenge you to go find another boarding facility that will allow you to bring your dog with just the annual vaccination. Brush up on your facts and I recommend getting another vet, if you even knew anything about Bordatella, you would know the symptoms can be very very hard to detect. The dog may only cough just once in a day until the infection has spread. This can take up for 3-5 days for the virus to spread sufficiently through the lungs, and chances are you've already checked out your dog. Before you decide to complain about something try to learn everything you can about the situation. Go out and see some of the other boarding facilities in the area then talk all this guff you want on the Petshotel. Cleanliness and safety is about 1/16 of the care Petsmart gives the dogs in their facility.

  • J
      13th of Sep, 2008
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    I take my dog to a boarding facility that does not require the Bordetella shot. He's been there 4 times this summer..with over 80 other dogs...and has had no problem. Kennel cough is exactly like the common cold and they haven't come up with the vaccine for a cold yet.There are over 10, 000 different strains of the bordetella virus yet the shot only proctect against about 1, 000 of these. So 6 months is way too much.

  • Ba
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    Its hard for me to leave my pet anywhere. My 2 yorkies got kennel cough at a VCA and I wasnt told till I noticed it. i called them up and they said they'll give them shots for about $300 each.
    Its a pain either way.

  • Dr
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    I just picked up my golden retriever from the Bethesda, MD location and he was covered in urine. He smelled horrible and was totally matted and sticky. He was only there 4 days, and it looked like he was a homeless stray by the time I picked him up. There was no effort on their part to clean him up unless I prepaid for a bath. This is another example of Petshotel not carring for the well being of the pets that stay with them.

    I will never take any of my pets there again. This is unacceptable neglect.

  • Ig
      14th of Nov, 2009
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    I have been keeping my 2 dogs at petsmart pethotels for several years and when I went to book with them yesterday they told me there is a new policy that my 2 dogs need to be kept in seperate kennels (because they are not neutered). They are a breeding pair and companions. I have a breeder's license from APRI. In the odd chance that they would mate what possible harm is that to me or them? Not that they can breed continously all year long! In addition, I was told the bordetella shot must be given 48 hours before bringing them in. The girl started our conversation telling me not to be late picking them up as they were heavily booked. Because of these new policies and this girl's rudeness, they have lost this customer.

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