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I called Petsmart grooming salon and asked to have my Schnauzer groomed by a groomer that is experienced. I stated that I did not want a long "skirt" left on the sides of my dog. I was told that just about all of the groomers at the Midlothian Petsmart can do a good job on Schnauzers. I left my dog to be groomed. I was called a short time later and was told that my dog needed to have his legs shaved because of the tangles on his legs. I said, "Wait a minute, I don't him looking"funny"because of the legs being shaved with the body hair being a regular Schnauzer cut. Well, when I picked up the dog, he was shaved completely, and extremely short on the underside of the body. I was shocked. I looked at him and the girl that brought him out to me just handed me the dog, said nothing and the rest of the girls talked among themselves. I looked at the dog, and said,"They have scalped you boy!"I couldn't say a thing. I was so mad. I called the grooming manager and he said he could give me a free grooming the next — then he said,"Well, it will be quite a while before he needs one." When he looked at the dog, he made the statement that the cut was not what it should have been. I will never take my dog to Petsmart again, especially to the one on Midlothian Turnpike. I called twice and asked that he (the grooming manager) please get the store manager to call me. He took my number. Not a word from anyone. I will not have my dog groomed there again. I asked for a refund and he said that they do not give refunds on grooming. That's when I asked for the store manager to give me a call, so that I could see if he would at least give me a store credit. Very poor management! S. S

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  • La
      Jun 23, 2009

    Sweetie, trust me. We groomers don't like to shave pets. It's not something we get a kick out of. But sometimes, it has to be done. We know your dog is going to look ridiculous, and we know that you're going to be upset about it. However, the mats that are on these pets' bodies are not only close to impossible to brush out without a) hurting your dog or b) stressing your dog out, but they are also not good for your dog's skin or coat. So maybe if ya take a brush to your dog every once in a while, we wouldn't have to clean up the mess then take the heat for it. It's simple really. If you don't want your dog shaved, take care of it and its coat.

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  • Sh
      Jul 01, 2009

    I'm a petsmart groomer, and it is NOT OUR POLICY to shave your dog without your express permission - not to mention that they obviously didn't follow policy, or you never would have left the store without knowing your dog was matted. Yes, I agree - brush your dog, this won't happen. However, you were lied to, because trust me. We give refunds on grooms all the time.

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  • Is
      Aug 02, 2009

    I agree with SheGroomsDogs. I too am a petsmart groomer. We don't shave dogs like that without 1)you knowing exactly what we have to do, 2) getting your signed and verbal permission to do so. In the times that customers have completely refused, then I have had to decline the groom for the fact that dematting an extensively matted dog is very painful and dangerous. And Petsmart policy is...if you were not satisified with it and it's not what you signed get your money back.

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  • Gi
      Oct 03, 2010

    Ive been grooming for 25 years. I have seen every thing. Dogs so matted that the hair comes off in one solid mat. Looks like a rabbit fur. Ive seen maggots living under these mats. It sounds like they did everything right. They called you to inform you of your dogs condition. You didn't want a skirt and thought the dog would look funny in a schnauzer cut. Well whats left, a shave. You think the dog looks terrible now. So you were proud of him when you brought him in all matted? I would of been embaressed if I were you, bringing in a matted dog. Thats considered abuse. If you dont want to brush your dog then keep him groomed every month and keep his pattern short. They worked hard for that money and it wasn't thier fault it had to be shaved.

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